Last week, word hit the street that Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) decided to stop using Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows in its headquarters and offices around the globe. In phasing out Windows, new employees are being offered Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) Mac computers or Linux-based machines instead. In connection with that, SmartMoney asks whether we all shouldn't cut off our Microsoft habit.

The magazine says there are three possible explanations for Google's shutting down Windows. First, it's a response to security concerns, after the company's operations were hacked in China. Second, Google's tweaking Microsoft just because it can (a theory our own Anders Bylund thinks is probable). Finally, it may be clearing the way to implement its own Chrome operating system.

My take is that none of this will affect Mr. Softy in the least. With its usual dominance in the corporate and PC markets, and Windows 7 sales going strong, the current price of around $25 offers plenty of value. Microsoft also remains a core holding of our Motley Fool Inside Value service, which pegs the stock's fair value at $34.50.

This isn't a case of either/or, however (or either/or/or). All three companies mentioned above are attractive in their own right, and investors looking for tech exposure could do a lot worse than making their own mini-tech basket by allocating one-third of a full position to all three.