Motley Fool Total Income is, as the name suggests, a service whose focus is helping its members generate the most income from their portfolios. The Total Income team gathers income ideas from a variety of Motley Fool services, picks the best opportunities, and shares those with members. Total Income aims to help members create a diversified portfolio by providing guidance on dividend stocks, income-generating options, real estate investment trusts (REITs), annuities, bonds, index funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and more.

Meet the Total Income team

Total Income is helmed by advisors Ron Gross and Robert Brokamp, CFP.

Total Income advisors Robert Brokamp and Ron Gross.

Robert Brokamp, CFP (Left) and Ron Gross (Right). Image source: The Motley Fool.

Ron Gross is a former hedge-fund manager with an extensive history of beating the market. In fact, during his nine years running value-focused hedge funds, his funds achieved a 112% return – while the market lost 33%. His stunning 145% outperformance of the S&P 500 Total Return Index is the key reason he runs the stock portion of Total Income – he's been great at finding fantastic stocks that have helped power portfolios higher.

You may know Robert Brokamp from The Motley Fool's Rule Your Retirement service, where he has helped thousands of investors prepare for – and enjoy! -- retirement for over a decade. Whether it's annuities, Social Security, healthcare, bond ladders, or any of a variety of other retirement strategies and tactics, he uses his extensive experience to help people retire better. Picking the right stocks is only part of the income portfolio equation – properly managing asset allocation, taxes, and portfolio drawdown is the other side, and Robert is well-placed to provide that support to Total Income members. His knowledge base, paired with Ron's extensive hedge fund experience, is a powerful combination indeed.

Does Total Income make sense for me?

No clue. It really depends on your personal circumstances.

But here's how the Total Income team aims to serve a variety of different income investors. Their dividend stock recommendations are allocated in three buckets – "high yield" stocks, "growth dividend" stocks, and "conservative dividend" stocks. Different investors are looking for different investments, after all.

Some want the most income, now. Others are seeking income growth – the opportunity to invest a little bit of money now and watch it grow over time, fed by reinvesting dividends in the stock for more and more shares – and an impressive income ramp later. And still others have a low tolerance for risk – maybe they're retired, or they're nervous about the stock market. And some want a combination.

The point is that every investor is looking for a different combination of stocks calibrated to their particular needs, and Total Income is designed to help members find that balance with a diverse set of recommendations. The Total Income team works with the entire Motley Fool analyst team to provide a "best of the best" list of dividend stocks each week, paired with commentary from Ron Gross.

Here's what makes Total Income special

While this all-star team gives great guidance, Total Income distinguishes itself with the extras. Perhaps the most important and exciting of these is a database of every dividend stock recommended by The Motley Fool's analysts – no matter what service they work for. With The Motley Fool's impressive track record of consistent market-beating returns, this searchable database gives Total Income members the opportunity to "choose their own adventure" and find more great income stocks.

Total Income also includes a free subscription to Motley Fool Options, our flagship options investing service helmed by Jeff Fischer and Jim Gillies. After all, since options are a component of the income recommendations at Total Income, we want you to have access to options trades and educational materials to better understand these lucrative strategies.

Get the recommendations. Get the data. And create the income portfolio that works best for you. Learn more here.