As if rejection isn't bad enough, a Tennessee man had to endure 2,986 denials from AT&T Universal Card Services telling him he wasn't worthy of their Visa card.

According to an article in the Johnson City Press in Tennessee, when Dallas Hill Jr. opened two of the rejections, they contained identical letters from the lender. "We regret we are unable to approve your application," AT&T's approval department wrote in unwavering terms. "We can accept only one application for the same solicitation, and you have already responded to our offer."

Confused, but not completely destroyed by the rejection overkill, Dallas investigated. Apparently, Hill's father, Dallas Hill Sr., had also applied to receive an AT&T Universal card, and the company assumed that Jr. and Sr. were the same person. (We're wondering if George Foreman's progeny struggles with this.)

Such mistakes are not uncommon. (Though the number of no-thank-yous Hill received is pretty rare.) The best way to avoid a case of mistaken identity is to evaluate your credit record at least once a year.

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