All too often, we focus on the world's bad news. And today, Sept. 11, is even more depressing than usual. Here, then, are a few pieces of good news, to offset the rest of your day.

From the Good News Network:

  • The Heimlich Maneuver, which was designed to help choking people, can also help prevent deaths from asthma.

  • Violent crime has been plummeting in recent years.

  • There's a promising West Nile Virus vaccine in the works.

From the Positive Press:

  • Brazil recently opened the world's largest tropical national park (bigger than Maryland), which is likely to preserve many endangered species.

  • Learning comedy can make you a better businessperson.

  • When you die, you can be transformed into an underwater reef.

From The Fool Community (our acclaimed discussion boards, which you can try free for 30 days):

You can read more cheery news at the sites above. Also, do your heart some good and read about the five amazing charitable organizations we supported last year in our Foolanthropy campaign. Each is doing an immeasurable amount of good in the world, in incredibly efficient ways, partly through our help.