Maybe Steven, the arguably annoying Dell(Nasdaq: DELL) dude, was right all along. You're getting a Dell. A whole lot of you are getting a Dell.

The world's leading direct seller of computers is looking to produce $9.1 billion in revenue for its fiscal third quarter. That's a significant $200 million more than analysts were expecting. The company also expressed its comfort with Wall Street's $0.21-a-share earnings target for the period.

Coming on the heels of yesterday's broad market rally, Dell's healthy outlook is the kind of tonic to keep the bullish days coming. But this shouldn't be taken as a sign that the personal-computing sector is ready to bounce back.

It's all Dell, baby. Between the successful push to expand overseas and last month's announcement to team up with Lexmark(NYSE: LXK) for a line of Dell-branded printers, the company manages to move ahead while many of its peers inch backwards.

Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) is stutter-stepping while it digests Compaq. Apple's(Nasdaq: AAPL) machines keep getting prettier, while its market share just gets uglier. Gateway(NYSE: GTW) is laying its pristine balance sheet out to pasture, as the company sacrifices margins for the sake of becoming a value player.

Dell is the one doing it right. It's been consistently profitable through these lean years of corporate spending. While that was once the company's bread and butter, it has been able to expand the menu over the years. If Dell is getting along nicely now, what will happen when the economy actually gets better?

OK, Steven, we get the point. We're getting a Dell.