When you think "Bond girl," you picture a woman who's beautiful, sexy, and generally perfect in every way. So it's no surprise that the latest incarnation is no other than, yes, Barbie.

Mattel's (NYSE: MAT) unnaturally proportioned plastic princess joins a tuxedo-sporting Ken in a gift set commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first James Bond flick. Donning a lace gown with a cell phone strapped to her thigh, Barbie's looks could kill.

In market news, on positive forecasts from IBM(NYSE: IBM), Eastman Kodak(NYSE: EK), and Nokia(NYSE: NOK), the Dow was up almost 3% today, the Naz over 3%, and the S&P over 2%. The FOOL 50, a Nokia strapped to its thigh, rose 2.55%.

In today's Motley Fool Take:

IBM Reboots the Market

Reports of the death of corporate spending are apparently greatly exaggerated, at least when it comes to computer services. IBM's(NYSE: IBM) third-quarter earnings report helped lift the entire market today, and sent its own shares up 10%.

Last month, the company's biggest competitor, Electronic Data Systems(NYSE: EDS), threw the entire sector into a spin when it drastically cut its earnings forecast and told the world that, not only were there fewer new sales, but that existing customers were spending less. IBM tried to reassure its investors, telling Bloomberg, "Based on what we understand, and given the substantial miss, the key issues appear to be unique'' to Electronic Data.

Translated, "Things may be bad, but they're not that bad. Something smells at EDS." Indeed, the SEC is now investigating EDS about events leading up to that warning, as well as a stock-hedging strategy that backfired.

Today, after IBM beat previously lowered forecasts and reaffirmed fourth-quarter targets, investors and analysts began jumping back on the Big Blue bandwagon. Since EDS warned, its stock has sunk over 60%, but IBM is actually up a couple of percentage points.

But before we all get too giddy over the better-than-expected news from the tech bellwether, it's worth considering the words of Chief Financial Officer John Joyce, who called this "one of the toughest spending environments" he's ever seen. "Customers are still spending," he said, but more on services that enhance their overall return in the short term.

Quote of Note

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." -- IBM Chairman Thomas Watson, 1943

Home Starts, Mortgages Surge

Build it and they will come. That's what someone has been whispering in the ears of homebuilders, and they've listened. The Commerce Department today announced that builders broke ground on new houses in September at an annualized rate of 1.843 million. That's the highest number in 16 years, and the percentage increase over August's numbers (13.3%) is the biggest gain in seven years. The number of single-family homes being built rose to a 24-year high.

The No. 1 reason for the surge in new construction: low mortgage rates. The average rate on a 30-year mortgage in September was 6.09%, and dipped below 6%. These are the lowest rates since Freddie Mac began tracking mortgages in 1971.

But don't hope to see rates drop that low in the near future. Today, Freddie Mac announced rates on a 30-year mortgage jumped to 6.15%, an increase of 17 basis points in one week. The rates on a 15-year mortgage saw a bigger jump, from 5.34% to 5.56%. Bankrate.com announced an even higher rate for the 30-year fixed mortgage, 6.23%, based on its survey of mortgage providers.

Blame the enlivened stock market. As investors moved money out of bonds and into equities, bond prices fell, driving up yields.

Will rates continue rising, thus pouring water on the hot housing market? Most experts believe rates will be higher a year from now, though at least one sees rates approaching 5%. We do know this much: If you haven't refinanced your mortgage, or you've been considering a home-equity loan (for worthwhile expenses, not luxuries or depreciating assets), now is the time to see which rates are available. Visit our Home Center for more information.

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The Worm in Apple

Has Apple(Nasdaq: AAPL) lost its polish? Should we gloss over the fact that the computer maker reported its first quarterly loss in two years, posting an operating profit before charges? Despite the company's downbeat holiday sales outlook, Apple still feels it will outdo competitors, nickel-and-diming back some needed market share.

No matter how you wax Apple, the reality lies somewhere between the good and the bad. Apple's $1.44 billion revenue showing in its fiscal fourth quarter was essentially flat with last year's results, and in line sequentially with its June period report. However, gross margins took a hit this time.

Thankfully, the company still sports a shiny $4.3 billion cash-rich balance sheet. And about the holidays... earlier this month, Dell(Nasdaq: DELL) said it's poised to gain more market share, and Gateway(NYSE: GTW) slashed prices to win unit volume. But everyone can't grow market share, right? Either both companies are looking at life through rose-tinted monitor screens, or they're planning to raid Hewlett-Packard(NYSE: HPQ) as it continues to digest Compaq.

But Apple is about more than just beautiful computing machines. From its iPod MP3 player to its latest Mac operating system, the company isn't a vanilla commodity in a world of spec sheets. Apple also has outstanding inventory. Its retail stores are doing well, and you can't dismiss the fact that the company sees sequential improvement in the current quarter. But if you think pointing to higher holiday sequential sales is a lay-up, consider that the top line took a fiscal first quarter dip last year.

The company's hardly rotted to the core. With the stock trading for almost half of what it fetched in April, it looks like there's some value to be found in the orchard.

Discussion Board of the Day: Apple

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Quick Takes

We're scratching our heads at mixed economic data from the Federal Reserve today. On the one hand, factory, mines, and utilities production fell for the second month in a row, but on the other, gladder hand, new housing starts jumped 13.3%, raising the roof at 1.83 million units a year, the highest rate since 1986. Call it econ-whiplash.

Rusty old Eastman Kodak(NYSE: EK) will report a whopping 248% increase in Q3 EPS next week, on a piddling increase in revenues due mostly to foreign currency benefits. The company cited increasing profit margins due to cost cutting. Even a small revenue increase is a welcome change, the first in two years for, what one of our Rochester, N.Y.-born writers grew up calling, the Big Yellow Mother (for its trademark film packaging). Shares climbed 5%.

Bad news sheared Sears(NYSE: S) shares up to 31% today, when the company announced Q3 EPS off 26% from last year's $0.80 to $0.59 on a much smaller 1% revenue drop. The explanation? Rising customer credit card debt, calling for an additional $221 million boost to bad debt reserves. Heads have rolled. The company recently fired the president and the head of risk management at the credit card division.

United Technologies (NYSE: UTX) announced 8% higher revenues for the quarter just ended versus last year. Meanwhile, accounting changes and asset sales left profits smokin' at Philip Morris(NYSE: MO), even though quarterly revenues were down 1%.

And Finally...

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