Feeling blue over Pepsi(NYSE: PEP) Blue? Bland over Vanilla Coke(NYSE: KO)? Seeing red over recent Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew fizz tints? The soda fountain world is about to add another shade to its color wheel, as 7 UP rolls out green-colored dnL next week.

Flip your monitor upside down and you'll see that dnL, in fact, spells 7 UP. Clever, eh? While the original un-cola prided itself as a refreshing, caffeine-free alternative, dnL flips that on its head with a caffeine-rich pop of carbonated fruit flavors.

Can't wait to try it? Head over to eBay(Nasdaq: EBAY), where the first 31 cases off the production line will go to the highest bidders. Will dnL team up with Marvel(NYSE: MVL) for the summer release of The Hulk? Don't put it past the beverage giants, whose marketing departments are working overtime with an onslaught of new product rollouts. Coke has sold 60 million cases of Vanilla Coke in its first five months

From vitamin-enriched water to new soda flavors, Coke and Pepsi continue to target young drinkers with trendy beverages. However, now it seems the battle for market share is being fought on smaller, niche-friendly fields. One thing's for sure -- dnL isn't the only brand looking to make green in the soft-drink wars.