Just when you thought it wasn't possible, we're digging in even deeper at the pump. According to the Lundberg Survey of 8,000 gas stations nationwide, the average price of a gallon of gas was $1.75 over the weekend.

If you think drivers are the only ones suffering, think again. Think bigger.

Did you know fuel is the second-largest expense for the struggling airlines, after labor? These guys were having trouble when gas was cheaper than water. So, while U.S. Airways, American Airlines parent AMR(NYSE: AMR), and UnitedAirlines(NYSE: UAL) were strapped before, even Southwest(NYSE: LUV) and JetBlue(Nasdaq: JBLU) are feeling the pinch now.

But that's fine. You swore off flying. It's not in your company's budget, anyway. You'll just drive. Oops! Driving suddenly costs even more. And the ramifications are rippling across the nation's businesses.

Cancelled road trips mean empty beds for hotel operators, such as Starwood(NYSE: HOT), Hilton(NYSE: HLN), and La Quinta(NYSE: LQI). Regional amusement park chains Six Flags(NYSE: PKS) and Cedar Fair(NYSE: FUN) rely on customers from a 150-mile radius, and turnstiles aren't clicking like they used to.

And keeping cars closer to home results in less wear and tear on vehicles. That's good -- for drivers. Auto makers GM(NYSE: GM), Ford(NYSE: F), and DaimlerChrysler(NYSE: DCX) might see it differently if the lack of demand for new wheels sends factories closing and assembly-line workers furloughed.

They'll join those from the airlines, hotels, and amusement parks in the unemployment line. Plus, they won't be spending, which translates to shortcomings all over the retail space.

Are you immune? Take a look around -- seems like nothing, and no one, is. Man, it's time for a vacation.