What's next in the wacky world of reality television? Well, coming today to a television (and an A&E channel) near you are 18 episodes of "Airline" -- an American version of a popular British program that ran for six years.

Considering that airlines have in general been notoriously poor investments for decades, it would be reasonable for investors to cringe a bit at this news, envisioning episodes revolving around weather delays, price wars, rising fuel costs, terrorism threats, frustrating logistical maneuverings, and many other challenges faced by airlines.

But this program shouldn't be so grim, as it's starring Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV), the low-frills airline that for more than 30 years has bucked the industry, generating profits and staying in business. It's also long been an entertaining enterprise, featuring a staff that sings to and cracks jokes for customers.

An A&E executive explained that, "The many flights of Southwest Airlines offer the perfect vehicle for a multitude of compelling stories. The pilots, flight attendants, airport employees and others interact every day with hurried executives, crying children, weary travelers, and heightened security. It's a crazy way of life, and one that is extraordinarily interesting to watch."

A Reuters story adds: ".There are an unusual cast of characters that give the series its strength. There is a passenger whose body odor is so offensive he is not allowed to board a flight, and another passenger misses his flight because he drank himself silly at an airport bar and he later gets himself into a drunken argument with counter agents."

If this show takes off, what will be next? Here are some possibilities:

  • "Where's My 'Any' Key?": Life inside Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Tech Support rooms.
  • "Doohickies and Thingamajigs": Novice do-it-yourselfer adventures at Home Depot (NYSE:HD)
  • "Around the World on a Hog": Globetrotting on Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HDI) bikes.

Actually, that last one might be kind of interesting.

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