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ChemoCentryx Stock Quote

ChemoCentryx (NASDAQ: CCXI)

ChemoCentryx Return vs. S&P

1 Year 5 Year 5 Year Annualized Since IPO
CCXI +54.50% +639.54% +49.21% +373%
S&P +23.89% +85.89% +13.20% +298%

ChemoCentryx Company Info

ChemoCentryxis a biopharmaceutical company developing new medications targeted at inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and cancer. ChemoCentryx focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of orally-administered small molecule therapeutics that target chemokine receptors and related chemo-attractant receptors. The company's small molecule product candidates are designed to target a specific chemokine or chemo-attractant receptor, thereby blocking the inappropriate immune system cascade underlying a given disease.

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