Where can you find straightforward questions and basic lessons about personal finance and investing, stories about individual investors' dumbest (or smartest) investments, and "Name That Company" trivia contests? Only in The Motley Fool's newspaper feature, now syndicated to over 200 newspapers!

Does our column run in your local newspaper? Scan through our list of carriers and check.

If your local paper is Fool-less, we invite you to give the editor a jingle and ask him or her to consider running the Fool. To give you a taste of what you're missing, we're serving up some sample content from recent issues. Our full newspaper feature includes these five elements: an "Ask the Fool" section, a "Fool School" lesson, readers contributing their dumbest (or smartest) investments, a "Name That Company" trivia contest, and a news-based "Fool Take" that varies depending on what companies have been in the news.

Today, we're presenting some examples of these features. We hope you enjoy them, and if so, that you'll help us spread Foolishness to more corners of the world! Be sure to check out our trivia contest, by the way, for your chance to win a free Fool ballcap.

Ask the Fool

Fool School

My Dumbest Investment

"Name That Company" (trivia contest: enter and win!)

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