Stocks for Mom

Roses... chocolate... cards... forget it! You call those gifts? What Mom really needs on Mother's Day -- which is this Sunday, May 13th, for those of you not paying attention -- is a few shares of stock!

Well, not really. But if you were to suggest a stock or two for your mother, which companies would you pick? That's the question we put to a bunch of our Fool writers, and they came back with eight ideas for this year's installment of our annual feature, including one possible short. (For more stock ideas from our writers and analysts, be sure to check out our new monthly service, The Motley Fool Select.)

What follows are not recommendations for stock purchases, but ideas for further research. After all, would you want your mother buying shares in a company just because she read one article about it? Of course not, so don't you go doing that either.

This year's Stocks for Mom -- plus one Short for Mom -- are below!

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