It was a week that will remain etched in the minds of people the world over for years to come. Words could not come close to making sense of the calamity unleashed upon the United States on September 11, 2001, but in the end they were all we had. Below you'll find a composite of The Motley Fool's commentary as the crisis unfolded -- from how to cope to how to help, from how investors and the market might react to what our community had to say on our discussion boards.

Articles are from September 11-14, listed in reverse chronological order.

We Will Endure
By Tom Gardner
Motley Fool co-founder Tom Gardner on the resilience of the human spirit and our nation during this time of crisis.

Your Investments: Now What?
By Jeff Fisher
In the wake of our country's most fatal domestic attack, with our sense of security rattled, what should you do about your investments? Well, this fact, for one, hasn't changed: Your investments should reflect your long-term beliefs and your tolerance for uncertainty. Now is an important time for investors to make sure their investments don't keep them up at night.

When the Markets Reopen
By Bill Mann
After an extraordinary week in which the American stock markets have been closed, at some point -- most likely Monday -- things will get underway again. But many of the facilities, most importantly the New York Stock Exchange, will be operating with limited resources, which will put a big strain on things if trading gets heavy. The Motley Fool preaches one word for what will be a trying time for all market participants: patience.

Our Resilient Economy
By Brian Lund
The market will open on Monday, emotionally drained from a week's worth of mourning and assessing the damage. That time to think, rather than reacting with immediate panic, should provide some stability. While previous disasters have sometimes met with immediate sell-offs, the market and the economy have emerged stronger from each. They can do so this time as well.

Don't Let Them Win
By Bill Mann
Bill Mann had to wait for several hours to discover the fate of several of his relatives who were directly in the path of Tuesday's violence. While he is angry and hears the clarion call for revenge, he asks Americans not to allow either the thirst for vengeance or the fear for safety to strip away that which makes this nation great.

Consumer Confidence Hard to Predict
By Richard McCaffery
The collapse of the Twin Towers may send a shock through the economy just as it sent shocks through the streets of lower Manhattan. It's too soon, however, to speculate what impact it might have on consumer confidence, and too easy to say consumers will be frightened into an economic shell. No one knows. In many ways, the economy is just as strong and diverse as New York City itself.

Remember What's Important
By Jeff Fischer
Jeff Fischer on what is most important in life.

News, Insights, and What You Can Do
By Motley Fool Staff
We've collected a list of links to the websites of service and news organizations that are helping out in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks. Check it out to learn more about what's happening, how to help in the relief efforts, how to talk to children, and other topics.

The Day After
By David Gardner
Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner offers his thoughts on the week's horrifying events.

Fool Community Reacts to Terrorism
By Rex Moore
Rex Moore collected a number of viewpoints on yesterday's terrorist attacks from our discussion boards. While emotions are running hot, cries to resist blanket judgement of all Islamic adherents, to bring the offenders swiftly to justice, and to remember those who perished in heroism, resonated especially loudly.

Accounting for the Tragedy
By Paul Larson
Several companies have been directly impacted by the attacks. Here we present a partial list of the firms that have had some degree of loss. It will be some time before the full extent of the tragedy is accounted for. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, survivors, and their families.

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