The fourth quarter of the year 2001 continues to be a difficult time to focus on stuff like our finances. Many of us are more worried about job security, or getting our kids back to school, or domestic security, than the state of our finances. We at Fool HQ know that our beloved and chosen subject -- finance and money -- must often take a backseat to present exigencies. Yet part of our role as we see it is to help you along and occasionally remind you -- or even occasionally prod you -- to refocus on your finances. And we have understood over the years that this is one of the things our customers want us to do.

So I'm doing that: PROD PROD!

Obviously, we have many resources to help you here at the Fool, both free resources and paid resources. The free resources -- well, you're using one of those right now. A lot of our written content is free here at We have a vast collection of resources to help you with many of your day-to-day money decisions like what to look for in a broker, when you should consider hiring a professional advisor, and whether today's low interest rates provide an opportunity for refinancing your home. We also offer deeper and more personalized help for a fee: TMF Money Advisor for building your own unconflicted financial plan, The Motley Fool Select for our best stock ideas, and our crash courses on how to maximize your short-term savings, when to buy and when to sell a stock, and more. 

Perhaps the most timely of these all these resources is our latest online seminar, What To Do Now, in which Tom and I will teach and learn from a community of students. The aim of our work is to share with you our latest thinking on the financial markets and your financial situation in light of the very difficult economy and the terrorist attacks. For a month, our series of lessons will be followed by an open conversation in private discussion groups with hundreds of bright people from across America.

The obvious question for many of us who've watched our brokerage accounts get cut in half (yep, I know that feeling), our jobs threatened, our retirement plans delayed or shelved, is what to do now. That's precisely why Tom and I are hosting and offering this special event. You can use these next few months to make your decisions easier, better allocate your retirement plan, save on your 2002 tax bill, and take advantage of opportunities that have actually been created by this difficult economy.

You deserve answers to your questions, and we can give you those answers in a straight-forward way that will help you do the right things now. We'll answer your questions in two special lessons that answer the specific questions that you'll pose to us in the seminar, and even provide some stock ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

Think of the alternatives -- never really being prepared for an emergency, worrying whether you are doing the right thing now, or letting today's opportunities slip by and ending up with a heavy tax bill or a smaller portfolio. All you have to do is sign up to join us now, since enrollment is closing and class begins Thursday.

Importantly this seminar, like all services offered from this website, comes with amoney-back guarantee. So if you're not satisfied with the help that Tom and I provide you in What To Do Now, you may obtain your full money back, no questions asked.

So please take some time right now to take care of your money matters. Join me and Tom for our What To Do Now online seminar and learn a few money moves that will help you through these uncertain times. We guarantee that you'll be glad you did.