Oh, Dad. We know you get jealous every Mother's Day when we roll out our Stocks for Mom feature. It's almost as bad as when we score the winning touchdown or make the winning basket only to stare into the camera and say "Hi, Mom!"

But there's no need to feel left out, Dad, because you'll always get your due. Here is our Stocks for Dad compilation, including a very special Buying Guide for Foolish Fathers just for you. So, if you haven't taken care of your Dad yet -- Father's Day is Sunday, June 16 -- you'll have plenty of options. Heck, if the man of the house is really trying to provide for the family's future (we know Mom's usually the brains of the operation) through sound investments, why not consider giving him a subscription to The Motley Fool Select or The Motley Fool Stock Advisor. Or if he needs advice from an unbiased, professional financial planner, there's always TMF Money Advisor. Point, click, make Dad happy, and prove you're the thoughtful child he always thought you were.

Happy Father's Day to Dads everywhere! Here's our Stocks for Dads 2002:

Famous Dave's of America
Allied Capital
Cryo-Cell International
ESS Technology
Buying Guide for Foolish Fathers
Dad's 2001 Returns

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A Stock for Dad represents the opinion of one Fool and should in no way be taken as the opinion of either The Motley Fool, Inc. or the company in question, or as representative of anyone or anything other than that specific Fool's thoughts.