This Sunday The Sopranos kicks off another highly anticipated season on HBO. According to The New York Times, a part of the first episode deals with Carmela's emerging concerns over the family's finances:

On the home front, Tony's wife, Carmela, is pressing him to diversify their holdings beyond cash stuffed in mattresses "at zero growth."

"Stocks?!" he snorts, as if bowing to a better class of criminal. "We don't have those Enron-type connections!"

In honor of Carmela's budding Foolishness, we've compiled a Top 10 list of what we think might be on her mind.

10. Are brass knuckles tax deductible?

 9. Is investing in horse head futures too risky?

 8. What's the difference between bail bonds and government bonds?

 7. Where's a better investment, my 401(k) or my .357?

 6. Those "dark" stains on Tony's clothes never seem to come clean, and the dry-cleaning bills are killing me.

 5. What if drugs become legal?

 4. How can we possibly afford my husband's life insurance premiums?

 3. Concrete shoes are now priced by the pound.

 2. Now how am I going to cover our short of The Olive Garden?

And the number one thing on Carmela's mind:

 1. Which of the five families should I ask for help? Pricewaterhouse, Deloitte and Touche, Andersen, KPMG, or Ernst and Young?