Happy Halloween! So the kids in your neighborhood are putting together their Harry Potter costumes, but what about you? It's been a rough year all around, and you deserve a little fun this cavity-inducing holiday.

Well, how about some Trick or Treating, Fool-style? In lieu of candy, our writers are handing out their thoughts on stocks this Halloween. We've got a bowlful of Treats (stocks they like), Tricks (stocks they love to hate), and we've sprinkled in a few scary investing tales, too.

Remember, Fools: Investing can be a nightmare if you don't do your homework. These Tricks and Treats are not recommendations of any kind, but simply the opinions of Fool writers. Before even thinking about investing in one of these stocks, do your research and make your own decisions.

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Now, Foolish ghosts and goblins, grab your loot bags and get going.

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The Motley Ghoul's Tricks or Treats represent the opinions of each Fool only and should in no way be taken as the opinion of either The Motley Fool, Inc., or any company in question, or as representative of anyone or anything other than that specific Fool's thoughts. So do your homework, and review The Motley Fool's disclosure policy.