We're heading into the homestretch, folks. To save you a little time during this busy season, we've put all our best shopping suggestions in one place. We promise the three articles below will save you at least a buck or two, without having to remember any pesky 1-800 numbers.

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't say upfront that you can get some great gifts right here on Fool.com. This week, many of our favorite products are up to 20% off. Try these out for the Fools in your family (or email this link to someone you love, with the subject line "Hint, Hint"):

  • Stocks 2003 : The Investor's Guide for the Year Ahead -- Our annual compendium of stock ideas for the coming year, complete with an in-depth look at the industries poised to succeed and warning signs so you'll know when things might go wrong.

  • David and Tom Gardner's Motley Fool Stock Advisor Newsletter -- David and Tom crank out their best stock ideas every month, and then duke it out in Dueling Fools fashion.

  • The Motley Fool Select  -- Each month, our Fool stock analysts offer up independent ideas on great companies that are priced right.

  • TMF Money Advisor -- Get your finances in order with a little help from an objective professional.

  • The Fool Community -- Access to money-saving, life-changing tips from our members.

6 Holiday Survival Tips
Do away with aggravation and, most importantly, overspending this holiday season. Use this guide to avoid the costly pitfalls of this officially sanctioned shopping season.

4 Ways to Savvy Holiday Shopping
Rick Munarriz offers four easy steps to make you a smarter e-shopper. From online coupon sites to price-comparison havens, you're just clicks away from saving some serious green this season.

Give Gifts With Past Lives
Regifting. Some call it cheap. We call it Foolish. Given that the holidays are a budget-buster for so many (the average gift budget this year is more than $1,000!), we don't have a problem with the practice.