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Retirement Investing - Hosted by TMFPixy, this is a great place to ask questions related to your retirement planning. Need some help? Check in to Retirement Investing now.

Tax Strategies - Hosted by TMFTaxes, you'll find a wealth of information about tax planning, new IRS regulations, and ways to pay Uncle Sam less. Not just for April 15, this discussion runs all year long.

Consumer Credit/Credit Cards - Almost everyone has some form of consumer credit, be it a credit card, car loan, etc. Yet, most people don't know how to manage their debt as effectively as possible. Learn all of the tricks right here on this board.

Ask the Headhunter - Looking for a job or know someone who is? Ask the Headhunter is a must-visit board. Hosted by Nick Corcodilos, a.k.a TheHeadhunter, this is the place to get answers to your job search questions.

Living Below Your Means - There is a money-saving tip for everyone and anyone on this discussion board. Whether you need to really tighten up your belt or are just looking for some great ways to save money, this board is for you, and will pay for itself many times over.

Help with this STUPID Computer - Not just for purely financial discussion, you'll find hundreds of boards that offer great help on a wealth of subjects. Need help with your computer? Just check into this discussion and help is right around the corner.

Quitting Smoking - Thousands of Fools banding together to kick the habit. Quit smoking, save a ton of money, and make some great friends in the process. If you smoke and want to quit, don't miss this discussion board.

Berkshire Hathaway - Berkshire is legendary investor Warren Buffett's holding company, and this discussion board is an investment education unto itself. This is a board for serious investors and you'll likely learn more about business analysis and great investing here than on any other discussion board around.

Buying or Selling a Home - One of the scariest purchases to make in your life will be your home. Don't do it alone. Learn from people who have bought and sold their own houses before and can teach you the ropes.

Ask a Foolish Question - Everyone has money questions. The only foolish question is the one you don't ask. Ask away!

Have fun on your journey through these great discussion boards. Combined with the thousands of other active conversations and a worldwide community of brilliant people, we're confident you'll find tremendous value here.

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