With the calendar cycling over to March, taxpayers are left with just a hair over six weeks to do their taxes, or file for an extension, in 2014.

Tax season is a dreaded time of the year for many of us simply given the amount of time and effort that must be put in to complete our taxes – from mind-numbing calculations to the always fun receipt hunting. Yet, for all our squabbling about how much we dislike doing our taxes, more than four out of every five tax filers will receive a refund!

Last year the Internal Revenue Service collected over $2.5 trillion in revenue during tax season -- but have you ever really stopped to think where all of that tax revenue ends up? A report from The National Priorities Project helps answer this age-old question of where your tax dollars get spent. Simply click on the following slideshow for your pictorial and educational view of how your tax dollars get apportioned.