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Jake Mann

Jake Mann


Jake Mann covers sports, economics and politics for the Motley Fool.

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Will Mozilla's $25 Smartphone Disrupt the Mobile Industry?

Mozilla's $25 smartphone has made headlines this week. Will it make a mark on a multi-billion dollar industry?


Will The World Cup Give U.S. Soccer a Permanent Boost?

The World Cup might set viewership records in the U.S., but will it actually help the sport's popularity?

Fiesta bowl

How the New College Football Playoff System Will Affect Corporate Sponsorships

Discover and Tostitos are dropping two of college football's biggest sponsorships, and more changes are in store.


The Epidemic Plaguing Baseball’s ‘Best’ Teams

Many of baseball’s most financially efficient teams are faced with an injury epidemic that’s only getting worse.


Jordan Spieth's Sponsorships Keep Growing: Why Golf's Golden Boy Is So Marketable

Pro golfer Jordan Spieth has made millions in endorsements before his 21st birthday. Now he has another sponsor.


How Sports Reduced the Crime Rate in Chicago

A new study from UC Berkeley reveals some interesting findings about Chicago sports.


An Inside Look at Putt-Putt, One of Golf's Most Iconic Brands

"Putt-Putt is to miniature golf what Kleenex is to tissue." -- David Callahan, CEO of Putt-Putt LLC.


What Will Michael Sam's Endorsements Be Worth?

Michael Sam is the NFL's first openly gay player. Will he cash in on his endorsement potential?


Baseball Efficiency Standings: How Jose Abreu Gave the White Sox a Boost

The Chicago White Sox are baseball's most improved team in terms of payroll efficiency this season.


NBC's New Olympics Deal: What the Experts Think

NBC has a new Olympics contract, and it's a whopper. What do industry experts think about the deal?

draft booth

The Best NFL Draft Strategy, and How Economists Discovered It

Two economists have discovered that the best NFL draft strategy isn't the most obvious.


The Big Ten Tournament's Move to Washington, D.C. Is Smart Business

The Big Ten is moving its men's basketball tournament to Washington, D.C. in three years. While critics lament the decision, I'll explain why it's smart business.

baseball nationals

Why Bud Selig is Wrong About Baseball's Popularity

MLB commissioner Bud Selig recently said baseball has "never been more popular," but he's ultimately missing the bigger picture.


Why the Golden State Warriors Are Moving to San Francisco

There's talk the Golden State Warriors might change their name, which is only part of a much larger relocation plan. Let's take a look.


Will the LA Angels Leave Anaheim? It Depends on the Money

It's possible the Angels could leave Anaheim without an MLB team as early as 2016. But will they actually do it?


How Many Millions Will The Kentucky Derby Pull In?

The Kentucky Derby is the most exciting two minutes in sports, but how much money does Churchill Downs make from the race?


Which Are the Best Baseball Teams According to Payroll Efficiency?

Are the best teams in baseball always the most efficient, financially speaking? Let's find out by using B.E.S.T., the Fool's new ranking system that goes inside the numbers of baseball.

Will Tradesports Be the Next Big Thing in Fantasy Sports?

I recently chatted with Intrade co-founder Ron Bernstein about his new project, a predictive sports market called Tradesports.

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Are Donald Sterling's Racist Comments the Worst PR Disaster in Recent Sports History?

If proven true, L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling must be removed from the NBA for his racist comments made last week. How does this PR disaster stack up to others in the past?


What's Behind NFL Cheerleader Lawsuits?

As we move through 2014, more NFL cheerleaders are suing their teams. Why are they taking legal action?