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OPEC, Get Ready for the Second U.S. Oil Boom

The shale boom in the United States may only be the first phase of a much bigger event that will shape the future of oil production worldwide.

EIA Confirms: Oil Production Peaked

The EIA confirms that U.S oil production peaked in April and expects demand and supply to move a bit tighter in through 2016.

Oil Price Plunge Raises Fears for Indebted Shale Companies

With the uncertainty over Europe’s future and China’s markets on the verge of abject panic, U.S. shale producers are once again at high risk of default.

Not Deterred by Huge Risks, Shell Opts for Megaprojects

Many of the oil majors are retrenching after an era of overspending and failing to deliver on megaprojects, hence there is one that is willing to take the risk.

Lessons From the Failed Rare Earth Investment Hype

While initially, the rare earths market held great promise, the economic reality soon set in and left the sector in ruins, which could serve as a warning to investors worldwide.

Don't Panic: Nothing Has Really Changed in the Oil Markets

The sudden and massive drops in oil prices yesterday indicate a big opportunity for buyers as markets are driven by momentum and not the fundamentals.

Top Shale Takeover Targets

The predicted M&A activity has not occurred, but stabilizing prices and expiring price hedges could spark some serious takeover action soon.

Brazil a Victim of Oil Prices and Its Own Hype

Just a few years ago, Brazil was heralded as one of the next great global oil producers, but in the interim the situation has completely reversed.

Pipeline Giants' Merger Still Possible After First Bid Fails

A rejected $53.1 billion takeover bid from ETE on Williams Cos. does not deter ETE from stopping its merger attempts.

Could $12 Trillion Trigger a Renewables Revolution?

A new Bloomberg report concludes that renewables will penetrate the market in the next two decades, with investment peaking in India and China.

The Latest Industry on EPA's Emissions Hit List

While the EPA has come under fire from utilities over power plant regulations, the trucking industry could prove to be a willing partner in fighting emissions.

Why A U.S Shale Slowdown Will Hardly Affect Oil Prices

It appears that U.S shale could be entering an extended period of decline, a declining rig count, and a slowdown in well completions could mean supply and demand are tighter than expected.

Top Three Rebound Stocks in The Permian Shale

As oil and gas markets regain some stability, investors would be wise to consider these Permian players who have learnt their lesson from the price crash.

How Big Oil Was Saved From the Oil Price Crash

While smaller players don’t have the luxury, big, integrated oil companies have been largely shielded from the oil price drop due 95% uptick in downstream profits.

Why the Oil Rally May Well Be Over

While markets barely reacted to the recent OPEC meeting, several of the cartel’s members are ramping up the pressure on prices, which could bring the rally to an end.

Renewable Energy Could Dominate Electricity Market in 15 Years

As the world gears up for the Paris Climate Conference, the IEA maintains that emissions goals are far from sufficient and that much more needs to be done.

The Dark Side of the Shale Bust

The state and the federal government are playing catch up with an ongoing crime wave that has swept towns in the Bakken region in the wake of the shale bust.

Canadian Economy More Damaged by Oil Prices Than Expected

Investment in Canada’s oil sands sector has plummeted and the future looks bleak if global oil prices don’t rebound soon, as long-term production may fall dramatically.

A Glut for Natural Gas, Too?

Both natural gas production and consumption have reached record levels in the United States, signaling a pivotal moment for the future of the industry.

Global Oil Shortage Before Year’s End? Surely Not…

Despite persistent pressure from OPEC on the oil glut, some experts are predicting a tightening of supply before year’s end, but how realistic is this prediction?