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ICRA Online provides data, research, and analytics solutions. Our research team of accountants, management graduates, and media specialists, does in-depth company analyses, going beyond news, and diving deep into numbers. We write on industrial sectors like automotive, aerospace, and machinery, making it our business to take a 360 degree view of every company we cover.

Recent articles

Whole Foods Market Inc. Cut Employees. Now What?

In FY 2016, the company is aiming for sales growth of 3% to 5%.

How Honda's Acura Is Bucking the Slowing Sedan Sales Trend

Acura sedans are wooing buyers as they offer performance at the right prices.


Wal-Mart Looks to Endure Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

Wage hikes and e-commerce investments should pay off for the retail giant.

Why Is Boeing So Bullish on India?

India is a billion-dollar opportunity that Boeing is out to capitalize on.

Can Union Pacific Corporation Grow Further?

Union Pacific could grow provided it solves the coal debacle.

Honda's First-Quarter Update: 2 Facts You Should Know

Honda's back with a bang, and North America plays a vital role.

2 Reasons Whole Foods Market's Smaller Stores Could Be a Success

In the face of falling comps, it is a good idea for Whole Foods to try out new formats.

Is Union Pacific's Management the Backbone of Its Success?

Union Pacific's skillful management team is invaluable to the company.

Union Pacific's Income Statement Reveals Its Underlying Strength

Union Pacific’s impressive operational performance drives the company’s growth.

Can Honda's Revived Ridgeline Do the Unthinkable?

Honda hasn’t yet had success with its lone pickup truck model, but things might be different this time around.

Will General Electric's Dividend Increase Be Consistent?

Despite a lower growth rate, General Electric is making sure that it keeps increasing dividends and delighting investors.

The 2016 Pilot Could Place Honda Among the Chart Toppers

Strong SUV demand is driving Honda Pilot sales, and with the feature-laden 2016 Pilot on the market, Honda could have a good shot at the segment.

The Orders Are Piling Up for Boeing's 767 and 747

First the 747 deal at the Paris air show, and now a big FedEx firm order for the 767. Is it time for Boeing investors to rejoice?

Can Honda Motor Co. Achieve an 8% Sales Gain?

Honda is determined to better its 2014-2015 performance, but challenges remain.

What Does the Paris Air Show Hold for Boeing and Airbus?

The weeklong air show will have investors tuned in to see who gets what.

Don't Rule Out the Boeing 777 Just Yet

Investors are jittery as the 777 nears its end. Will it be a smooth landing?

787 Dreamliner and Cash Flow Could Make Boeing Investors Happy Very Soon

These two factors marred Boeing’s first quarter, but it could be a different story at the end of the year.

Will These 3 Risks Stall Union Pacific's Growth?

Union Pacific has fantastic growth prospects -- but investors should consider these risks as well.

Union Pacific Corporation’s Liabilities: 3 Facts Investors Should Know

Union Pacific’s efficient handling of its liabilities remains its strong point.

Where Is Honda Motor Co. Headed in 2015?

2014 was a testing year for Honda. In 2015, it will try to undo the damage.

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