Daniel Gibbs

Daniel Gibbs


Daniel is an independent research analyst whose focus is on tangible, income-producing assets. He primarily covers the energy sector for Fool.com.

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Tap Into High Dividend Yields With This Foreign Company

Foreign companies quite often offer better dividend yields than companies located here in the United States. However, just because they have higher dividend yields, does not mean that their growth potential is lower. Here is one company that offers the best of both worlds.

Ensco Sell-Off Offers Opportunities for Investors

Investors should celebrate when stocks decline since declines often present opportunities to make outsized returns or collect outsized dividend yields. Here is one such opportunity.

Statoil Attempts to Increase Recovery From Oil Fields

Statoil is utilizing new extraction technologies to significantly increase the lifespan of its aging Norwegian fields. This should lead to growing production for the Scandinavian giant.

ExxonMobil Pins Hopes of Production Growth on Russia

ExxonMobil, the largest western oil company, has been aggressively expanding into Russia in order to tap into the country's extremely rich oil resources. This is in spite of the sanctions that the United States has levied upon Russia. In so doing, the company is attempting to capture its last hope of reversing declining production.

Enerplus Offers Both Growth and Dividends

The market cannot always be depended on to deliver capital gains, even if a company is delivering growth. For this reason, high yielding companies such as Enerplus can be a valuable addition to any portfolio.

Long-Term Contracts Make Pipelines Attractive Income Investments

Pipeline operators earn a steady flow of cash from the long-term contracts that they have with oil and gas companies to provide transit services for their resources. This allows these companies to steadily grow their distributions as they acquire new pipelines, which also carry such contracts.

Total's Joslyn Exit Doesn't Jeopardize Near-Term Growth

French oil and gas giant Total S.A. recently suspended the Joslyn Mine oil sands project indefinitely. This has reduced the company's chance to profit from the mine's production, but ultimately this looks like the right decision.

GasLog to Play Growth in LNG Shipping

The LNG shipping industry is in the midst of an unprecedented boom but there are still opportunities to profit from it. Here is one.