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Adam Galas

Adam Galas


Adam Galas is an energy writer for The Motley Fool and a retired Army Medical Services Officer. After serving his country in the global war on terror, he has come home to serve investors by teaching them how to invest better in order to achieve their financial dreams.

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Linn Energy is one of the most popular high-yield oil stocks today. However there is a high-yielding alternative you should consider.

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Kinder Morgan's latest results came with a 14% divided boost, but revenue and earnings crashed. Find out why those things don't matter and what investors should focus on instead.

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Few industries have suffered recently as offshore drillers. Find out why now is the time to go bottom feeding for some of the deepest value stocks around.

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Oil-related stocks have had a rough few months, and things might be about to go from bad to worse for these three fast-growing energy stocks. Find out what it might mean for you.

Could High Debt Kill Linn Energy LLC's Sky-High Yield?

Breitburn Energy Partners, because of high debt levels, just had to slash its distribution by 50%. Find out if this other high-yield oil MLP is also at risk.

The Biggest Threat Facing Offshore Drillers Keeps Getting Worse

Bad news keeps piling on for offshore drillers. Find out what's happening and whose shares are most at risk.

Disruptive Innovation: 3 Ways Technology Is Changing How You Will Use Energy

3 technologies are changing the way you interact with energy forever. Learn which companies are leading the charge into the brave new future.