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Douglas Young

Douglas Young


Doug Young has lived and worked in China for 15 years, much of that as a journalist for Reuters writing about publicly listed Chinese companies. He currently lives in Shanghai where he teaches financial journalism and writes daily on his blog, Young’s China Business Blog,

Recent articles

Hungry Ctrip Eyes Group Buying Sites

Ctrip's talks to buy a major group buying site look like a worrisome diversion from its core online travel services, and also hint of desperation as it looks for M&A targets.

China's Cheetah Springs Onto NYSE With Help From Friends

Cheetah's IPO performed respectably thanks to strong support from the company's backers, but its shares will edge lower in the next few weeks as sentiment cools towards Chinese tech firms.

At a Crossroads, Can Sina Calm Investors?

Sina's preliminary quarterly results show it is growing strongly despite a new government crackdown on some non-core units. But the stock could be volatile for the next two months due to momentum selling.

Youku Tudou and Tencent's Online Video Policies Come Under Censor Scrutiny In China

A new clampdown on content from online video sites is likely to have a moderate impact on their business, and is most likely in response to pressure from traditional broadcasters.

Government Clampdown Trips up Sina

A government clampdown on Sina over illicit content on its video and literature sites looks largely symbolic, and it is unlikely to have any longer-term impact on the company.

Youku Tudou, Huawei Join Internet TV Crowd

Youku Tudou's and Huawei's new Internet TV product could stand a strong chance of success, drawing on the strength of its 2 partners as leaders in their respective fields.

Tencent Makes Travel Mates of eLong, Tongcheng

A new strategic tie-up between eLong and Tongcheng could foreshadow an eventual merger of the 2 online travel agents, creating a new challenger to industry leaders Ctrip and Qunar.

Ctrip-Qunar: New Traveling Mates?

A combination of Ctrip and Qunar could be coming, with Baidu as the new company's controlling stakeholder, though the deal could get vetoed by China's anti-monopoly regulator.

E-House Finds Strong Partner in Tencent

An upcoming IPO for E-House's Leju unit should perform reasonably well following a significant new investment from leading Internet firm Tencent.

Yingli, Renren Swim in Sea of Red Ink

Yingli's latest weak earnings are the result of legacy issues that could be gone by next year, while Renren will need to find a strategic partner to reverse its falling revenues and widening losses.

Twitter CEO's China Trip: Reconsidering the Market?

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo's upcoming visit to China indicates he may be reconsidering the world's largest Internet market despite Beijing's tough censorship requirements.

E-House Dusts Off Leju for New IPO

E-House is likely to move ahead with a plan to separately list its Leju unit and could get a short boost after an IPO, but the stock is likely to stall over the long term.

iKang Healthcare: The Latest IPO to Watch

iKang Healthcare's IPO could enjoy modest success due to its position as a top Chinese clinic operator, but it will have to overcome broader investor indifference to Chinese healthcare stocks.

Dangdang Disappoints With New Yhd Tie-Up

Dangdang's latest tie-up with shows it has no interest in finding a true strategic partner, setting it up to fail or become marginalized if it tries to remain independent.

Dangdang, Youku Tudou Dress up in Black

Dangdang and Youku Tudou shares could see upside as both swing into the profit column, though neither is likely to remain independent over the long term.

China's Online Ad Market Peaks as Qihoo Threat Looms

China's advertising dependent Internet companies are likely to see a slow but gradual erosion of their ad revenue growth throughout 2014 as the market slows and competition increases.