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Srdjan Bejakovic

Srdjan Bejakovic


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Citrix Systems Inc.'s Mixed First-Quarter Results

In the first quarter, Citrix Systems reported year-over-year revenue growth driven by healthy networking and SaaS segments. Still, license sales in its core business, desktop and mobile virtualization, are down. Is Citrix suffering from increased competition brought on by VMware?

Who Will Be the Big Winner When GPUs Move to the Cloud?

Desktop virtualization is set to explode in the coming years as new technologies finally make it possible to deliver graphics-intensive applications from the cloud. Which companies are making plays in this market and who will be the big winner?

3 Reasons to Watch ANSYS Today

Engineering simulation provider ANSYS Inc. has been delivering solid results for years. Why is right now a particularly good moment to consider buying its stock?

Should Investors Get Excited About NVIDIA Corporation's Mobile Business?

Following a disappointing year in 2013, NVIDIA's mobile business seems to be on the rise again, thanks to a strong automotive segment and a focus on high-end devices. But even if revenues keep increasing down the line, will this translate into returns for investors?

Is Texas Instruments Incorporated Due for a Big Increase In Cash Flow?

Revenue in Texas Instruments' embedded processing segment is set to grow, and so will the resulting profit. How much could investors benefit from this increase?

Should You Take Advantage of the Dip in Freescale Semiconductor's Price?

Freescale Semiconductor has had a curious history of two IPOs, a private buyout, and close to $10 billion in debt. After a long time, the company seems set to move to profitability. So, the natural question is, is this a good time to buy?

There Are Clouds on Qualcomm Inc's Horizon

Qualcomm is currently in a dominant position in the mobile chip market, but there are warning signs of potential problems down the line.

Can Broadcom's Cellular Business Return to Profitability?

Broadcom's biggest segment, mobile and wireless, recorded a loss this quarter as the company tries to adjust to shrinking 3G profits by investing in 4G LTE technologies. Can the cellular business become profitable again at Broadcom, and what happens if it does not?

Is QLogic Corporation a Turnaround Play?

QLogic is undergoing a restructuring in order to become more efficient and return to growth. Can it follow in the footsteps of other networking companies that have carried out similar changes and seen big stock-price increases as a result?

Should You Buy Juniper Networks Inc. Today?

Under pressure from activist stockholders, Juniper is making some big changes this year under the direction of a new CEO. How will this impact Juniper's stock, and is this the right time to buy?

Will Brocade Shares Continue to Grow?

Brocade's share price is rising while its revenues are falling. What's behind this curious trend, and can Brocade continue to see share-price growth like this in the future?

Are Investors Underestimating Red Hat?

Red Hat is making big investments in cloud-computing technologies, and this is cutting into its margins for the next year. While cloud computing is certainly a big opportunity, will Red Hat eventually profit here, and if so, when?

Who Can Stop VMware?

VMware had a great year in 2013 and expects even better results in 2014. While it seems well-poised to continue its growth, it will also need to find ways to handle increasing competition from Microsoft, Cisco, and open-source efforts backed by Red Hat.


Can F5 Continue Its First-Quarter Growth?

F5 Networks recovered from a shaky 2013 to post great Q1 results. Can it continue to grow its core business and expand into new markets, in spite of competition from Citrix, Brocade, and Radware?

3 Worries for Citrix Systems in 2014

It's been a difficult year for investors in Citrix Systems, and 2014 is likely to bring about new challenges, including potentially increased competition from VMWare and Microsoft.