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George Kesarios


I focus mostly on technology stocks, but I also venture out to other sectors. Mostly focusing on valuations instead of what makes companies tick. My greatest challenge, finding stocks that can double in 12 months or less.

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3 Reasons Why the Market Doesn't Like Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Until such time comes that the company is able to achieve double digit sequential quarterly growth, chances are that balance sheet repair will not happen fast enough and the market will continue to be reluctant with AMD shares

Don't Miss BlackBerry’s Resurgence

Even if BlackBerry isn't exactly there, yet (still not profitable), it has so much going for it that a “Total Resurgence" is probably not far away.

Microsoft's Moment of Desperation

Microsoft being a latecomer to the tablet space is responding in desperate ways to make people buy its tablet PC. The problem is that MacBook's were never about price, but about performance,

Is BlackBerry Limited Gaining an Edge in This Key Market?

With the introduction of BES12, for the first time in years, BlackBerry will be ahead of the curve instead of behind it.

Beware of High Price to Sales Ratio Stocks

Looking at the long-term picture, the multiple you pay today makes a big difference in the long term.

3 Reasons Why Groupon Could Outperform the Market

Given Groupon's current conservative valuation, both Piper Jaffray’s $16 price target and Priceline's acquisition of OpenTable make Groupon's stock look cheap.

Why Advanced Micro Devices Should Outperform Intel

If PC sales rebound, think of AMD like a never expiring option in the PC space

Is BlackBerry’s Payment System a Game Changer?

Even if BlackBerry can get only a small piece of the payment systems pie, it will mean a lot to investors, considering the company's small market cap footprint.

Disrupting Forces in the Map Space

Unless companies are able to bring to market map apps that offer value-added services, map data alone will not be enough to pay the bills.

Groupon Inc. Shares Might Be the Best-Valued Stock in the Social Space

Groupon has one of the lowest price-to-sales ratios and 12-month forward EPS multiples in the social space.

Playing Zynga on the Safe Side

Zynga deserves a discount, but is trading at a premium. Investors who want to avoid risk should buy only when the price is close to shareholders' equity

Microsoft’s Reason for Being Has Just Been Altered

Microsoft is being forced to change its business model in the wake of disruptive competition from both Apple and Google. But, adapting to this new model will prove easier said than done.

Why BlackBerry Limited Shares Are About to Look Cheap

There is not much to compare BlackBerry to, because there are no publicly traded pure-play MDM stocks. This is about to change, and chances are that BlackBerry will look cheap

Don’t Get Too Excited About Nokia Corporation's Recent Map Space Acquisition

HERE has been a dissapointment for Nokia for a long time, and the recent acqusition of mapping startup app-maker Desti, will probably not change things

The Z3 Might Backstop BlackBerry's Eroding Market Share

There are many reasons why BlackBerry might be on the comeback, and the company's latest device, the Z3, is a positive sign.

Apple's Valuation Is Compelling, But Don't Expect to Get Rich

Apple will not make you rich, but even at these levels it offers a compelling valuation and safety -- and it will surprise analysts to the upside over the next 12 months or so.

Why Are Social Stocks Falling When Their Results Are Better Than Expected?

Many of today's social superstars are probably going to follow Microsoft's path 14 years ago. And the key to understanding why is the price-to-sales ratio

Pandora Media Inc Might Still Be Too Rich

Pandora's revenue growth seems to be leveling off. If that is confirmed over the next several quarters, then more than likely, investors will have to lower their long-term expectations

No Cigar for Zynga Inc

The fundamentals are still deteriorating, even if the pace is leveling off, but the overall picture and the company's valuation continues not to be favorable for a long term play yet

Why Tesla Motors Inc.'s Earnings Won't Matter One Bit On May 7

Why you should think twice before having Tesla as a long-term position in your portfolio