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Bill Barker


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XPO Logistics: Value Play or Value Trap?

XPO Logistics has definitely seen better days, but long-term investors might find something to like here with the right thesis in mind.


Stocks Aren't in a Bubble: Here's Why

Despite investor fears, the market currently reflects underlying earnings growth.

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What Returns Should Investors Expect Today?

October 2017 looks a lot like October 1997. That doesn't mean the market will repeat its returns of the past 20 years, but it does make a compelling case against the growing chorus of bears.

A Look at the Market's Biggest Headlines

Why bad reports caused one company to pop and another to drop, and our (wrong) predictions for the Brexit vote.


How Warren Buffett's Politics Prediction Came True

Bill Barker examines the effect of corporate earnings on today's political climate.


How Have Stocks Fared the Past 50 Years? You'll Be Surprised.

The past 50 years of investing returns paint an interesting picture of long-term trends. Can they help us shape our expectations for the future?


What Everybody Should Know About the Current Market Decline

There are some stark contrasts between the current market environment and the environment in 2008.

What "Misery" Can Tell Us About the Economy

Despite the recent market swoon, Bill Barker argues that the economy is holding up well by historical standards.

Stick to Your Investing Plan: Here's Why

Staying the course is more important than being savvy.

Profits Could Weaken as "Perfect Calm" Ends

Bill Barker examines market valuation and what investors can expect going forward.

The Scariest Thing About the Swiss Currency Decision

A shocking decision from the Swiss National Bank can teach us quite a bit about risk.

Will Oil Uncertainty Present an Investing Opportunity?

Bill Barker discusses the rapid fall in oil prices and what it means for long-term investors.

Top 20 Candidates for "Car Czar"

A satirical look at the candidates who could fix Detroit.

Today's Strong Sells

The biggest recommendation out there deserves the biggest sell rating.

Pros and Cons of the Top 20 Rejected Treasury Candidates

If it hadn't gone to Tim Geithner ...

The Ultimate Buy Signal

A simple question yields a surprising answer.

Today's Strong Buys

What the big money is after ... and why.

Today's Strong Sells

The biggest recommendation out there deserves the biggest sell rating.

Warren Buffett's Humorous Threat

Deconstructing a pretty good joke, and the investment lesson held within.

These Stocks Are the New Strong Buys

The delights of the market's best sector today. Plus snowclones!