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Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis


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A Cold Weekend for Steve Austin

The Condemned came in below my expectations.

Allied Capital Takes a Hit

The company delivered strong results, but investors have to deal with considerable uncertainty yet again.

American Capital: The Private-Equity Steamroller

The business-development specialist rolls through another quarter.

Apollo Investment: A New Premier BDC?

The quickly growing business development company has delivered some outstanding results in its short public history.

The Best Financial Stock for 2007: Legg Mason

Why wouldn't you love this company?

How Allied Capital Won the War

The short saga against Allied Capital hasn't quite ended, but the outcome's already certain.

Helen of Troy Torpedoed

Coming off a surprising quarter, the company returns to mediocrity.

An Investor's Guide to Business Development Companies

Understand the nuts and bolts of a uniquely profitable investment space.

Sickened by Stock Options

The latest backdating news leaves one Fool feeling ill.

Nice: Jack in the Box Rocks

The restaurant was a breakout success in 2006.

Naughty: Check the Data on Equinix

Lessons are repeated until they are learned. Investors could use some reminding with this company.

Zillow: Power to the People!

The popular real estate site now lets users sell their own homes.

Comcast and Circuit City Connect

The two team up to offer advice to consumers in an acronym-filled digital world.

Best Buy Plays Santa's Helper

The consumer electronics giant offers gift advice for your loved ones.

Gladstone Capital: A BDC With a Twist

This highly respected BDC turns in solid results, and is investor-friendly, to boot.

MySpace Goes Wireless

The wildly popular website looks to open another potentially lucrative distribution channel.

Alloy's Tarnished Quarter

The marketing agency struggles with bad acquisitions and tough competitors.

OmniVision: Value Stock or Value Trap?

After another subpar quarter, should investors throw in the towel?

Opsware Discovers Virtual Servers

The company teeters on the edge of profitability, but lines up another immense opportunity.

A Dystopian Future for Investors

Investors should consider the ramifications of the worst case scenarios for their companies.