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Nicholas Rossolillo

Nicholas Rossolillo


Nicholas has been a writer for the Motley Fool since 2015, covering companies primarily in the consumer goods and technology sectors. He is also the founder and president of Concinnus Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor based in Spokane, WA. He enjoys the outdoors up and down the West Coast with his wife and their Humane Society-rescued dog.

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Was it the threat of Amazon's spending spree, rising interest rates, or just a good old-fashioned irrational crash?

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Is Google About to Accelerate Development of the Quantum Computing Industry?

Quantum computing isn't a great investment for the average investor -- yet.

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Why Cloudflare Tanked by More Than 13% Today

Shares of this high-flying internet company have been on a wild ride over the past six months.

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Investing in Bitcoin ETFs

An in-depth look at what Bitcoin ETFs are, how they work, and reasons to consider investing in Bitcoin ETFs. Here's what you need to know.

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Why Shares of Sea Limited Tanked 8% Today

Some investors are pessimistic about the company's global expansion plans.

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Investing in Blockchain ETFs

An in-depth look at the leading blockchain ETFs in the U.S stock market this year. Here's what you need to know.

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Why Bandwidth Stock Rebounded Over 6% Today

After getting clobbered last year, this communications software provider could be too cheap to ignore.

Self Driving Car

3 Under-the-Radar Auto Technology Stocks to Watch in 2022

You don't have to buy shares of automakers to invest in the changes coming to modern vehicles.

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The Top 2 Cybersecurity Stocks Are a Smart Buy for 2022

Spending on cybersecurity protection isn't going to take a back seat anytime soon.

Investing dividends, income

Why LendingClub Stock Soared 11% Today

It's been a falling knife for two months now, but this fintech still has a lot to offer.

Four teenagers playing games on smartphones

Why I'll Be Selling My Zynga Stock Ahead of the Merger With Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two may need Zynga more than Zynga needs Take-Two.

Investing, mobility, cloud

Why Meta Platforms,, and Block Shares Were All Lower Today

Markets are in turmoil, and even big, stable companies are being hit.

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Why Shopify Stock Tumbled Another 6% Today

Investors are rerating expectations against the prospect of higher interest rates.

E-commerce, shipping

Why MercadoLibre Stock Fell Nearly 6% Today

Growth stocks are getting hammered, and macroeconomic uncertainty isn't helping.

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Tech Bloodbath 2022: 3 Gems to Pick Up Amid the Carnage

There's a disconnect between these businesses and their stock performance.

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3 Under-the-Radar Fintech Growth Stocks for 2022

These financial industry tech investments look like a great bet for the 2020s.

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Why Enphase Energy Stock Tanked Nearly 21% This Week

The richly valued solar and energy storage company is getting dragged down along with other growth stocks.

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Why HubSpot Stock Fell Another 3% Today

It was a rough week for the fast-growing software management company.

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Why Meme Stocks AMC Entertainment and GameStop Stocks Were Mixed Today

Some stocks made a rally the day after a Fed Reserve-fueled sell-off.

Investing, family, building wealth

Why Intuit Stock Soared 69% Higher in 2021

The fintech leader is benefiting from a surge in small business creation.