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Chris Kuiper, CFA

Chris Kuiper, CFA


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Why Companies Should Be Spending Way More on YouTube Ads

A recent report suggests advertisers should be spending six times more on YouTube ads.

Are Microsoft and Sony Both Working on Updated Gaming Consoles?

Gamers are excited to see a refresh with more computing power, but what should investors make of it?

This Teen Survey Is Good News for These 4 Video Game Stocks

Video games are a high spending priority for teen males and there are some big video games on the way to tempt them.

PC Sales Off to a Terrible Start in 2016, but Apple Inc. Comes Out Ahead

Global PC shipments continue to collapse, but there could be some light on the horizon.

What Does This Scary Statistic Mean For Facebook Inc.?

Original content keeps declining; but is this a terrible thing for the social network?


Intel Corporation Is Targeting Cloud Applications With Its Latest Server Chips

The chip manufacturing behemoth refreshes its server chips, which will be key to future growth and keeping competitors at bay.


Is MaxLinear, Inc. a Buy?

This chipmaker looks set to ride the wave of high-definition video and more content delivered to the home.

Why M/A-COM Technology Solutions Hldgs Inc. Is Making New Highs

The chipmaker has its sights set on new markets that could potentially quadruple its revenue over the next five years.

Would Benjamin Graham Consider Apple Inc. a Value Stock?

Why the father of value investing might be interested in the tech titan's stock.

Is 2016 Going to Be a Bad Year for Apple Inc.?

Apple may have a tough slog ahead according to the latest IDC smartphone forecast.

Is Microsoft Moving Away From Video Game Consoles?

Moving away from hardware and focusing on extending Windows 10 could give Microsoft an advantage.

Is Microsoft Corporation Actually Getting Serious About Security?

A new cloud-based security service rollout and a shiny new war room say yes.

Why Cybersecurity Vendors Are Teaming Up

Although puzzling at first, the recent partnership announcements in cybersecurity is a good thing for the industry and investors.

Why Is Giving Away a Game Engine

By giving away game development tools, could be gaining a better foothold in the video game market.

Is Apple Getting Sloppy With Its Software?

The world is driven by changes at the margin, so investors should be aware of potential quality problems in Apple’s core software.

After Earnings Is Monolithic Power Systems Inc. a Buy?

The circuit maker is not only putting up impressive growth numbers, it's also returning capital.

The Momentum for Gigamon Inc. Continues

This small-cap tech company put up another great quarter, and it appears more growth is ahead.

Is Cray Inc. A Buy After Its Run-Up?

The supercomputer company has been killing it lately, but does this mean it’s time to buy?

Which Looks Like the Better Long-Term Growth Stock: Apple Inc. or Alphabet Inc.?

Both are great companies, but the future of Apple is looking uncertain while Alphabet keeps looking for the next big thing.

Are PC Sales Really Tanking?

Personal-computer shipments clocked in at the lowest number since 2007, but does this really spell doom for investors?

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