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Emil Lee

Emil Lee


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Swaps Sink AIG

AIG's derivatives plummet in value.

Can New Blood Wake a Sleepy Marsh?

Marsh's new CEO outlines a game plan.

Discover's Fool's Gold(fish)

What might have been a golden egg lays an egg.

RenaissanceRe Braces for Dark Ages

Soft pricing clouds the reinsurance outlook.

MasterCard Charges Ahead

Staying unruffled amid credit calamity? Priceless.

Aflac Posts Strong Results. Yawn.

Aflac grows earnings, again.

USG Bites the Bullet

The building-materials specialist bears the brunt of the downturn.

Stay Rational in the Downturn

Points to remember before you panic.

Avoiding Permanent Losses of Capital

Smart Fools can.

Keep an Eye on Starbucks

Why Starbucks should be on your watch list.

Lessons From the Racetracks

Play the horses? Use that to beat the bulls and the bears.

US Bancorp Unfazed by Credit Crisis

US Bancorp produces steady results once again.

When Should You Double Down?

Is it time to dollar-cost average?

Is Paper the Next Big Winner?

Why one buyer likes the paper industry.

3 Investing New Year's Resolutions

It's time to refocus on the year ahead.

Is 12.5 Buffett's Magic Number?

It's a good multiple when you're buying a business.

A Special Situation at Steak n Shake

The burger joint's stock could end up well done.

Are You a Value Pretender?

Don't just follow the crowd.

The Un-Discovered Company

The credit card contender continues to toil in obscurity.

Lessons From 2007

A look at some hard lessons and what we've learned.

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