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Christy Bieber

Christy Bieber


Former college teacher. Textbook contributor. Personal finance writer. Passionate advocate of smart money moves to achieve financial success.

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How Next Year's Social Security Increase Crushes the Average

Almost no one getting retirement benefits now has ever seen such a big raise.

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Could You Live on the Average 2022 Social Security Benefit?

Are retirement benefits alone really going to be enough?

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Good News, Retirees: Earn More Next Year Without Affecting Social Security

Want to work while collecting Social Security benefits? This change will affect you.

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Are You Missing These 3 Ways to Claim More Social Security?

Don't miss out on your chance for more lifetime income from Social Security.

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Claiming Social Security in 2022? Here's Your Max Benefit at Full Retirement Age

You can't earn more than this amount, and most people won't come close to it anyway.

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Sorry to Say: You Probably Shouldn't Claim Social Security at 62

Will you come to regret claiming Social Security at 62?

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3 Great Reasons to Take Social Security Benefits at Age 62

Claiming Social Security benefits as early as you can might make sense in certain situations.

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3 Ways to Effortlessly Boost Retirement Savings Without Downgrading Your Lifestyle

Can you save more without hurting your standard of living?

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5 Price Increases That Will Eat Away at Your Social Security Raise

Rising costs of necessities mean that the 2022 Social Security COLA won't go very far.

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Want $50,000 in Retirement Income? Here's How to Determine How Much to Save to Get It

Make sure you have the money you need as a retiree.

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The Most Important Social Security Chart You'll Ever See

It could affect the choices you make about retirement savings.

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Two Ways Retirees Could Lose Some of Their Social Security Raise

The largest Social Security raise in decades may not provide as much extra income as you'd think.

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It's Not Too Late to Make These 3 Retirement Moves

Making your retirement more secure is possible even later in life.

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Stop Worrying About Social Security Going Broke. Do This Instead

Americans are worried about the wrong thing when it comes to their retirement security.

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Here's How to Squeeze an Extra 24% Out of Social Security

An increase in benefits of that size could still be within reach.


Here's Exactly How Much to Save Each Month for a Millionaire Retirement

This is your ticket to becoming a millionaire in your later years.

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5 Ways to Score a Higher Social Security Paycheck

More money from Social Security can help make your retirement more secure.

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100 Million People Have This Basic Social Security Fact Wrong -- Do You?

Get the truth here.

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Do You Lose Any Social Security Benefits If Your Ex Claims on Your Work Record?

Your ex-spouse can get benefits, but it won't affect the amount of money you receive.

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Are You Missing Out on This Top-Tier Retirement Savings Opportunity?

Here's a chance to maximize your retirement savings.