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Christy Bieber

Christy Bieber


Former college teacher. Textbook contributor. Personal finance writer. Passionate advocate of smart money moves to achieve financial success.

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5 Ways to Score a Higher Social Security Paycheck

More money from Social Security can help make your retirement more secure.

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100 Million People Have This Basic Social Security Fact Wrong -- Do You?

Get the truth here.

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Do You Lose Any Social Security Benefits If Your Ex Claims on Your Work Record?

Your ex-spouse can get benefits, but it won't affect the amount of money you receive.

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Are You Missing Out on This Top-Tier Retirement Savings Opportunity?

Here's a chance to maximize your retirement savings.

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2 Ways You Can Lose Money by Not Knowing Your Social Security Retirement Age

Don't miss out on benefits that could help you provide for yourself in your later years.

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Claiming Social Security Early Isn't Always the Answer, Even If You Have Health Issues

Don't assume claiming Social Security at 62 is always the right move if you're in poor health.

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2 Sources of Free Retirement Funds You Can't Afford to Pass Up

You should take full advantage of free money to grow your retirement nest egg.

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3 Surefire Ways to Increase Retirement Savings

Investing more for your future is easier than you may expect.

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Why Is the Maximum Social Security Benefit Higher if You Retire at 70?

Waiting until 70 can pay off in terms of larger checks.

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Great News: Roth IRA Investments Are Immune to These 2 Tax Rules

You won't have to worry about these rules if you choose a Roth IRA.

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3 Retirement Mistakes You Could Come to Regret

Are you at risk of making them?

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If I Could Buy Just One Investment, This Would Be It

This investment alone would provide diversification and a good chance at earning a reasonable return.

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This Is the Perfect Age to Claim Social Security

When should you start your Social Security benefit?

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Never Worked? You May Still Be Entitled to Social Security Retirement Benefits

Don't assume you need to have earned a paycheck to get Social Security benefits.

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This Social Security Benefit Increase Will Be Harder to Earn Next Year

Future retirees will be eligible for a smaller increase in retirement benefits.

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The No. 1 Reason to Claim Social Security at Age 62

Claiming Social Security at 62 makes sense if you can maximize your lifetime benefits with this move.


4 Reasons I'm Counting on ETFs to Make Me a Millionaire

ETFs provide some pretty significant advantages over many other investments.

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Why Retirees Still Need an Emergency Fund

Don't assume that emergency savings are no longer important after you stop working.

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This Is the Best Reason Not to Max Out Your 401(k)

Maxing out your 401(k) doesn't make sense in every situation.

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3 Retirement Savings Moves to Avoid at All Costs

You can't afford to make these mistakes.