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Ivan Martchev

Ivan Martchev


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The Ticking Uranium Time Bomb

Uranium use has been outstripping uranium production for 25 years. A day of reckoning is coming.

The Swiss Franc Is Almost as Good as Gold

On the Old Continent, only Switzerland is a beneficiary of an unraveling euro.

Banning Short Selling Is an Act of Desperation

Legitimate short selling is a viable market strategy that aids the price-discovery mechanism. Banning it fixes nothing.

Comparing the PIIGS

A comparison of the infamous PIIGS quintet produces a surprising contrarian investment candidate: Spain.

Forgotten Gold Stocks From South Africa

The worst major gold stock performers in the Midas rally have been from South Africa. Maybe that's why John Paulson likes them.

Why You Need to Stay Away From Japan

It's too late for Japan.

Again, Telecoms Aren't the Right Call

It's the worst-performing market sector so far this year. Why?

Are BRIC Countries a Threat to the Dollar Standard?

Don't overlook the promise of exchange-traded funds in these four emerging economies.

What's Next for the Market's Top Performers?

The most cyclical sectors in the S&P 500 are doing great: The recovery continues.

Is the British Pound the Next Shoe to Drop?

Monetary conditions in Britain may be even weaker than the eurozone due to high debt levels and an unstable banking system. Expect the pound to keep falling in 2010.

Pullbacks Are Buying Opportunities in Asia

Here's why monetary tightening in China and India won't derail the boom.

Forget About Inflation in 2010

Inflation may be coming, but not for 2010.

A Year After the Bottom

What has changed in the past year, and what is likely to change in 2010.

Stocks Are Quiet While Currencies Scream

The action has been concentrated in the currency markets, where the dollar continues to steadily advance.

Why I'm Bullish on the Dollar

How the greenback's behavior affects your investments.

How Long Can Everything Keep Going Up?

The seasonal rally is proceeding according to plan despite worries about valuations and the economy.

Buy What Hasn't Rallied: Utilities

At the end of August, utilities were one of only two sectors in the red for the year. What gives?

Should You Be Buying If Insiders Are Selling?

The insider sell/buy ratio hit an all-time high. Something is bothering insiders.

Oil and Natural Gas: Another Black Swan?

Oil and natural gas have been moving in opposite directions. Will it continue?

This Is What Works When Stocks Fail

But will it continue to work in the future?