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The Resurrection of Tyco

Why the company survived in the face of scandal.

Should You Capitalize on American Capital?

Once on the brink, this company has clawed its way back.

Is GameStop a Buy?

Following Peter Lynch's model, personal experience puts this company on my radar.

Don't Stay With MGM Mirage

Las Vegas cratered at the same time as a massive MGM buildout began. The debt may very well sink the company.

A Lulu of a Stock, Even in a Recession

When a secular trend supports a company concept, it can succeed in any economic climate.

Why You Should Keep Track of Old Favorites

Brand names can spell great long-term returns.

Winning With Steve Wynn

In a CNBC interview, the casino mogul reveals surprising investing insights.

Why Medifast Will Go the Distance

The only kind of product designed to fail -- diet products -- are a good route to great returns.

The Great Organic Food Myth

Organic foods aren't as special as their makers would like us to believe. But they still mean healthy profits.

How Coinstar Changed My Mind

The company's expansion on a great concept drastically extends its life.

Give Me Liberty Media, Part 1

The Liberty Media conglomerate is worth understanding because it offers gobs of free cash flow and value that Wall Street hasn't recognized.

Give Me Liberty Media, Part 2

Let's sort through financials to find the best Liberty Media section in which to invest.

A Compass for Jobs Recovery

Keep an eye on staffing companies to gauge the employment picture.

How the CARD Act Killed Credit Access

When will government learn that poorly constructed regulation harms more than it helps?

Call My Movie Bookie!

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has approved an exchange for the trading of securities tied to movie box office results. Approving securities is the next step, and it'd be a bad one.

DIRECTV Goes It Alone

John Malone has reduced his voting stake in DIRECTV and resigned from the Board.

Storm Clouds Brewing for Payday Lenders

No hyperbole. CFPA bill threatens entire short-term lending industry.

Zinged by the U.S. Oil Fund

You'd better read the fine print before investing in an ETF.

Nike Stands by Its Tiger

Nike parlays a message from the other side into PR gold.

Clorox: When a Stalwart Lets You Down

Clorox is a waste of an investment.