Tom Jacobs

Tom Jacobs


Tom Jacobs is the Lead Advisor and Portfolio Manager for Motley Fool Special Ops, a premium investment service specializing in event-driven value situations such as spinoffs. He is the co-author of What's Behind the Numbers? A Guide to Exposing Financial Chicanery and Avoiding Huge Losses in Your Portfolio (McGraw-Hill). He doesn't bite, except when teased.

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When done best, buybacks increase EPS and boost the stock price more than organic growth would alone. Here are five specialty retailers buying back stock well for shareholders.

Avoid or Sell Drilling Rig Operators

The years of $100 a barrel oil won't last. This could leave oil companies in the lurch and unable to afford drilling rig companies' sky-high daily rates. Investors in rig operators beware.

Eugene Fama's Nobel Prize: Right Person, Wrong Reason

The Nobel Prize committee awarded Chicago's Eugene Fama a shared golden ticket for his and Kenneth French's work on the efficient-market hypothesis. But Fama and French, in later research, all but disowned EMH. EMH will appear on their headstones, but their real scoop was that small-cap value outperforms all other investing strategies.

Hope for Natural Gas Recovery?

Analytics firm Bentek Energy sees flat pricing for the next decade; but there could be near-term relief for these producers in the northeast.

Pipelines Packed, Rail to Reap Oil Riches

With pipelines from Canada to the U.S. at full capacity, railroads pick up the slack to move cheaper Canadian heavy crude to thirsty Gulf Coast refiners. Profits are in store for these five companies.

4 Forgotten Refiners With Bright Futures

Gulf Coast refineries have struggled for years. Now retrofitted for heavy crude, they are set to make money producing diesel and jet fuel, both offering greater profits than gasoline.

Bentek Energy Forecasts the Trade-Off of Natural Gas Versus Coal

Natural gas dropped so much last year that power producers shuttered coal plants and ran their gas ones. But coal is hardly down. With gas prices back up, here are two small-cap and one large-cap coal and power potential winners.

Google: Great Company, Red Flag Stock?

I have a major stock crush on Google, which stands in most ways above four significant competitors. But its troubling DSO trend reminds us that a great company still has a stock to analyze. Downside ahead?

All Red Flags Waving!

Author Tom Jacobs shows you how to identify financial shenanigans and profit from poor accounting.

Top 10 Cash Offender Countdown: No. 6 to No. 4

Sooner or later, operating cash flow that's all from adding back stock-based comp is unsustainable. Right now, there are 10 really bad offenders -- don't go near them.