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Travis Hoium


Travis Hoium has been writing for since July 2010 and covers the solar industry, renewable energy, and gaming stocks among other things.

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Two Fighter Jets in the Sky

Why Shares of Allegheny Technologies Popped 13.3% on Thursday

Earnings beat estimates, but the future is still cloudy for Allegheny Technologies.

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Is Molson Coors Stock a Buy?

The beer business isn't what it used to be.

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The Case Against Amazon Stock

Cracks are forming in Amazon's online retail dominance.

Roller Coaster Going Downhill

Why Shares of Six Flags Entertainment Plunged 10.5% Today

The recovery is going slower than expected in the theme park business.

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Why Cruise Line Stocks Plunged Again Today

There's no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic and that's terrible news for cruise line stocks.

Young Person Playing Games on Tablet

Why Shares of Genius Brands International Plunged 19% on Wednesday

Dilution is on the way for shareholders.

Oculus Quest

Facebook Has Officially Taken Over Oculus

The merger of social media and virtual reality has begun.

Large Rooftop Solar Installation

Why Enphase Energy's Shares Plunged and Then Popped After Hours

The news only got better for Enphase Energy today.

Las Vegas Sign At Dusk

Could Las Vegas Sands Exit Las Vegas?

Sheldon Adelson may be eyeing a lucrative sale of his Las Vegas properties.

3D Printed Shoe

Why Shares of 3D Systems Plunged 17.1% on Monday

After a strong run, this stock may be running out of steam.

Cruise Origin in SF's Castro District

Want to Invest in Self-Driving Cars? These Are the 2 Stocks You'll Want to Own

While many companies are working on autonomous vehicles, only a couple are ready to let theirs hit the road in the real world without human backup drivers.

Solar Farm at Dusk

3 Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy Ahead of the Election

These are great renewable energy stocks no matter who wins in November.

Solar Power Plant in the Desert

Why Solar Stocks Are Crushing the Market in 2020

Big oil is being replaced by big solar in 2020.

Solar Plants and Wind Farm

Why Renewable Energy Stocks Popped and Dropped on Friday

It was another wild day for the industry, and it's not ending the week well.

Blocks In Steps With Upward Arrows

3 Great Stocks Under $10

Low-price stocks come with risk, but these three have big potential, too.

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Why American Superconductor's Shares Plunged 15.1% on Thursday

A share offering wasn't received well by investors today.


These Stocks Would Have Doubled Your Money Over the Past Year

No surprise, tech stocks top the list of high-flying stocks.

Large Rooftop Solar Installation

3 Solar Stocks Making Big Oil Obsolete

Big Oil is struggling and solar energy may be a bigger reason why than you think.


Apple Makes Another Play for the Home

Apple has failed with previous efforts to build a hub for the home. Will this time be different?

Bloom Energy Server at Building

My Top Renewable Energy Stock to Buy Right Now

This company could change the energy industry forever.