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Dan Radovsky

Dan Radovsky


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T-Mobile and MetroPCS: Another Sprint and Nextel?

Cultures and -- most important -- network technologies could make it an oil-and-water relationship.

Is T-Mobile/MetroPCS Really a Done Deal?

Keep an eye out for Sprint to pull the rug out from under T-Mobile.

Don't Use Chinese Telecom Equipment, Says Congressional Committee

The House Intelligence committee says Chinese telecom equipment threatens national security.

Is MetroPCS in Play?

MetroPCS is rumored to be talking to potential buyers.

Can High-Speed Trading Be Slowed Down?

The U.S. dithers on high-frequency trading while Europe moves toward placing speed traps.

Apple Makes a Wrong Turn

Apple's iOS 6 map app change could show potential customers the way to Android's world.

A Foolish Week of Telecom

Telecom tidbits for the week ending Sept. 21, 2012.

Verizon Claims the Spectrum Edge

Verizon said its cable deal has given it a comfortable spectrum cushion.

AT&T Ready to Fight for Sprint's Push-To-Talkers

AT&T is readying its own self-proclaimed uber push-to-talk network.

The iPhone 5 Frenzy Is Missing From the World's Second Largest Market

Apple's iPhone pricing model just doesn't work everywhere.

A Foolish Week of Telecom

Telecom tidbits for the week ending September 14, 2012.

A Foolish Week of Telecom

Telecom news for the week.

Telefonica: Not Just a Reign in Spain

Telefonica turns a digital eye to the future.

Can Verizon Give Nokia Some Windows Phone Traction?

Verizon said it will be adding Windows Phone 8 devices to its lineup.

A Foolish Week of Telecom

Telecom tidbits for the week ending Aug. 31, 2012.

Apple Endorses Nokia ... Kind Of

Apple used the Lumia smartphone as an example of a non-patent-infringing design.

Will Apple's Victory Over Samsung Help Nokia?

There's a ripple of hope for Nokia and Windows Phone after Apple beats up Samsung in patent fight.

Ford’s New Mantra: Ohm, Ohm …

Rollover Tesla, Ford’s getting serious.

Verizon-Cable Deal Verging on Approval?

The FCC and DOJ are rumored to be ready to give the go-ahead to Verizon's deals with the cable companies.

Windstream Raises Eyebrows Along With Its Payout Ratio

How can Windstream keep paying its high dividend with its diminishing free cash flow?