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Joel Baglole

Joel Baglole


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Roth IRA

3 Costly Mistakes People Make With Roth IRAs

Roth IRAs allow people to invest after-tax income and then make tax-free withdrawals in retirement. But reaping the rewards requires investors to avoid some expensive blunders.

tax return IRS form 1040

4 Overlooked Tax Deductions That Could Save You Big Bucks

Tax filing time is fast approaching, and at this time of year it's important to keep in mind all of the tax deductions that can help improve your bottom line.

market crash decline bad investment stock drop

3 Reasons Annuities Are a Bad Long-Term Investment

They provide retirement income to people who don't have a pension plan. But there are reasons to be cautious with this long-term investment vehicle.

retirement savings plan

3 Financial Mistakes People Make When They Retire

Retirement is not without financial risk -- and most of the setbacks people face when they retire are self-inflicted.

calculator that reads 2019 lying on top of a pile of cash -- New Year money financial resolution

5 Easy Financial Resolutions You Can Stick To

People's New Year's resolutions often get derailed because they're too complicated and difficult to accomplish. Keeping financial resolutions simple and easy provides the best chance for success.

golf getty

5 Fun Jobs for Retirees

From baseball-park attendants to lecturers on cruise ships, there are plenty of fun and interesting jobs available for active and open-minded retirees.

senior couple worried looking at bills finances debt

5 Tips for Protecting Your Finances as You Grow Older

Financial exploitation of the elderly is a growing problem in America as baby boomers become senior citizens. Here are practical steps that people can take to safeguard their money in retirement.

Car lot (1)

5 Reasons December Is the Best Month to Buy a Car

It's not all holiday hype when it comes to car sales at Christmas. The reasons why may surprise you.

Holiday shopping

5 Tips For Getting a Real Black Friday Deal

There are a number of steps that savvy consumers can take to ensure that they truly get a great deal this Black Friday and avoid succumbing to the hype.