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senior man and woman sitting at table resting their faces on their hands looking bored couple retirement

What Happens When You Miss the Best Days in the Stock Market?

Tempted to sit on the sidelines during a market correction? Here's what you'd give up.

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Unsure Where to Save Your Money? Here Are the Top 4 Places to Put Your Money

There are many places to put your money, but some make more sense than others. Here's how to prioritize.

man and woman relaxing in lounge chairs on a beach in the Maldives -- mature couple vacation early retirement

This One Simple Trick Can Significantly Increase Your 401(k) Balance

If you want to build up your retirement savings, auto-escalation is an easy way to do it.

senior man and woman sitting at table resting their faces on their hands looking bored couple retirement

Baby Boomers Are More Prepared for Death Than Life

Middle-income earners are more focused on planning their funerals than arranging for long-term care, a new study found.


Here's How Much Money You Should Have Saved for Retirement

A recent guide from J.P. Morgan lays out simple checkpoints for various ages and incomes. Are you on track?

young man with money flying out of wallet fees costs expenses expensive losing

Spend It Wisely: 4 Tips for Not Outliving Your Money in Retirement

Proactive planning and learning some simple rules can ensure your nest egg lasts a long time.

Retirement seniors vacation beach sunset pension

Take a Peek Into What Your Retirement May Look Like

The trends taking shape now will define your golden years including longer lifespans, greater happiness and less stress.

skyline of downtown Orlando at night with palm trees in background

3 Reasons to Invest in REITs This Year

Real estate investment trusts are off to a strong start this year. Here's why their run may continue and why you should add them to your portfolio.

money rain - euros - hands

3 International Funds to Take Your Portfolio Global

Looking for opportunity abroad? Here are three foreign funds to get you going.

Feet on arrows

3 Reasons Why I Avoid This Type of Mutual Fund

When it comes to "go-anywhere" funds, I don't go there.

check to IRS for all my money tax

A Simple Guide to Building a Tax-Efficient Portfolio

Taxes are a drag on your investment returns, so here's how to keep more of what you earn.

large pile of hundred dollar bills cash money savings rich

3 Large-Cap Growth Funds for 2019

If it's "go big or go home," here are my favorites.

college savings money in jar

5 Savvy College-Saving Habits

Here are five ways you can increase what you save for college.

bride and groom figurines facing away from each other on top of wedding cake -- divorce marriage

Money and Marriage: 6 Steps to Talking Family Finances With Your Spouse

Here's how to have a conversation with your significant other about money and not end up arguing.

man and woman relaxing in lounge chairs on a beach in the Maldives -- mature couple vacation early retirement

5 Steps to Maximize Your 401(k) in 2019

A 401(k) is a great place to save for retirement, but you need to take advantage of all its benefits.

compound interest growth potential businessman

5 Financial Goals to Start Now and Accomplish by the End of 2019

Now is the time to get going on your financial plan for the year.

senior man and woman smiling and toasting with glasses of white wine couple happy celebrating party

Start Thinking of Retirement as Your Best 8,000 Days Yet, and Plan Accordingly

Retirement is not an end, but a new beginning.

young woman making it rain 100-dollar bills money cash rich POC

3 Great Financial Planning Rules of Thumb

Don't have time for a financial plan? Here are some quick and easy frameworks to help you start thinking about your money.

money raining on people

4 Keys to Picking a Winning Mutual Fund

Here's how to increase the odds of selecting a great money manager.

man touching magnifying glass button on floating search bar internet google search engine

5 Steps to Picking a Great ETF

With more than 7,000 exchange-traded funds, it's not surprising investors don't know how to select the best low-cost index funds.

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