Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis


Michael is a value-oriented investment analyst with a specific interest in retail and media businesses. Before coming to the Fool, Michael worked with private investment funds focusing on deep value and special situations. Currently living in the media capital of the world--Los Angeles, California.

Recent articles

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As the company's retailing business continues to flounder, strategic alternatives remain a viable method of delivering value to shareholders. While not all of Sears is desirable, the auto segment holds appeal.

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It may not hold much in the way of sales or earnings growth, but this closeout retailer could continue its precipitous rise on the back of increasing efficiency and cash flows.

DISH Network Corp Needs a Friend, Stat

As the industry enters full-on consolidation mode, DISH Network's options are thinning. Why is DISH repeatedly left out of dealmaker paradise?

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Results improved, but we need to look a little further out beyond one year's worth of same-store sales. What are investors receiving for today's stock price?

Urban Outfitters Needs to Do 1 of These 2 Things

Whether it's reenergizing its legacy customer or rising up to meet a new group that is willing to pay, Urban Outfitters can deliver big returns to investors if it heals its ailing core brand.