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Maria Gallagher


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A Conversation on ESG and Sustainability With As You Sow CEO Andrew Behar

As You Sow is a nonprofit promoting corporate responsibility that works to solve the world's problems by motivating big companies -- including ExxonMobil, Starbucks, McDonald's, Pepsi, and Dunkin' -- to improve on ESG elements. Hear what the CEO has to say about its mission.

ESG Investing: Is Trex a Responsible Investment?

Wood-alternative decking company Trex is the largest recycler of plastic bags in North America. See how it scores on The Motley Fool’s environmental, social, and governance framework.

Knowing Your Biases Can Boost Your Returns

Our human brains are susceptible to mistakes and biases that can affect our decision-making. Fortunately, those brains are also capable of learning about those mistakes and biases, and that helps us correct for them.