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Can Coca-Cola Keep the Growth Story Going?

Heading into its Q3 earnings report on Friday, Coca-Cola has righted the ship so far in 2019. With new markets in coffee and energy drinks, smoother sailing lies ahead.

Stitch Fix Is Far From a Sure Thing

While the client growth has been exceptional, the costs of scale, coupled with weak guidance, make one wonder whether the stock is really that attractive.

Dave & Buster's Has A Problem

While an entertaining destination, the continued weakness in comp store sales is a discouraging sign that the company is stagnating.

American Eagle Isn't Promising Much

American Eagle is tough to be bullish on right now. The poor guidance, coupled with uncertain retail environment makes one wonder how the next six months are going going to fare.

Lululemon Is the Envy of Retail

The party just won't end for Lululemon. Despite trade wars, fears of a looming recession, and weakness among some other names, the athleisure titan remains strong.

3 Dividend Plays to Buy And Hold For 5 Years

It's fun chasing the "next big thing", but it's also prudent investing to have a few strong yielding dividend plays in the portfolio. Here are a few I like.