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Is It Time to Buy Cheesecake Factory?

The restaurant company continues to recover from earlier this year, but are there risks from renewed COVID-19 restrictions?

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3 Takeaways From Kohl's Q3 Earnings

Kohl's reported better-than-expected third-quarter results and is well-positioned for a solid holiday season.

3 Reasons Dick's Sporting Goods Is a Buy

The niche retailer is set up for a strong holiday season and continued growth.

Beyond Meat

3 Takeaways From Beyond Meat's Q3 Earnings

The plant-based food producer's earnings report was worse than expected, but will growth resume?

MCD image Famous Meals

3 Takeaways From McDonald's Q3 Earnings

The fast-food giant saw a nice recovery in the third quarter, but will the growth continue?

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3 Takeaways From Papa John's Q3 Earnings

The latest report beat consensus expectations, but can the pizza chain finish strong in 2020?

3 Takeaways From e.l.f. Beauty's Q2 Earnings Report

e.l.f. Beauty delivered a solid quarter, but guidance for the cosmetics company was on the lower end of expectations.

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3 Takeaways From Wendy's Q3 Earnings

The fast-food company is seeing a boost from new breakfast offerings and an expanding digital business.

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3 Takeaways From Starbucks' Q4 Earnings

Starbucks is seeing a fast recovery, boosted by strength in drive-through and mobile.

Video Game Players

3 Takeaways From Activision Blizzard's Q3 Earnings

The video game publisher beat consensus expectations and raised guidance for the year, driven by strong franchises and audience engagement.


3 Takeaways From Skechers' Q3 Earnings

The footwear company saw a rebound in revenue from the second quarter, with pronounced strength in e-commerce.

3 Takeaways From Restaurant Brands International's Q3 Earnings

The restaurant operator's revenue was down, but it's well-positioned to benefit from off-premise and value-priced dining.

Chipotle restaurant

3 Takeaways From Chipotle's Q3 Earnings

Chipotle is still doing the right things to succeed in the current volatile environment for restaurants.

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Why e.l.f. Beauty Has Momentum

Cosmetic specialist e.l.f. Beauty is appealing to consumers' preferences for cruelty-free and healthy products, and fueling growth through innovative partnerships.

Why Williams-Sonoma Is a Buy

The specialty retailer has tailwinds supporting its revenue growth.


3 Takeaways From Domino's Pizza's Q3 Earnings

Domino's reported strong revenue growth in the third quarter, but earnings missed due to higher expenses.


Diageo's Revenue Improves as Hospitality Reopens

As consumers resume going out to restaurants and bars, Diageo's on-premise business will receive a boost.

Video Game Players

3 Reasons Electronic Arts Is a Buy

As the video game sector continues to benefit from increased engagement, Electronic Arts leads the industry with its strong content portfolio.


Lululemon Is Still in Growth Mode

While many retailers are currently taking a more cautious stance, Lululemon continues to look for ways to expand its business.

Target staff

How Target Will Try to Win This Holiday Season

The big-box retailer is investing in a number of initiatives to round out a strong 2020.