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Eli Lilly faces one of the more significant patent cliffs in the pharmaceutical industry. But will losing patent protection mean the company's dividend is at risk?

Does Novo Nordisk's Dividend Have Room to Soar?

The pharmaceutical industry's leader in diabetes doesn't have the highest dividend yield, but might have the greatest future prospects relative to its peers.

Does Novartis' Dividend Have Room to Soar?

Generic competition for this pharmaceutical company's top drug is weighing on revenue growth in the near-term; but what does this mean for the dividend?

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Generic drug-makers typically prosper from off-patent drugs, but its a mixed bag for Teva, who relies on a blockbuster multiple sclerosis drug that will come off patent in the next few years.

Is the FDA to Blame for Your Bad Hip?

There's a strong argument to be made that an FDA rule is the primary problem causing thousands of metal-on-metal artificial hip recalls over the past few years.

Merck Gains on Cholesterol Drug Hopes

Merck shares gain as investors reassess the odds that sales of a controversial cholesterol drug, Vytorin, will grow even larger.

Will Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion Pay Off?

Expanding Medicaid to a huge number of new Americans seems highly lucrative for managed care companies, but there may be some unpredictable headwinds.

How Big Pharma Avoids Billions in Taxes

Pharmaceutical companies take advantage of tax havens to boost profits for investors. But there is a disadvantage investors might not be aware of.