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A couple embraces in the front yard while looking at their new home

Don't Overlook the Huge Turnaround in Zillow's Core Business

Management expects Premier Agent to grow 31% in the fourth quarter, which is faster than it has grown since 2016.

Outside Netflix's Los Gatos California headquarters

Ignore the Coronavirus Vaccine Sell-Off, Netflix Is Still a Huge Buy

With or without COVID-19, Netflix has a massive runway.


3 Reasons You Should Buy the Coronavirus Vaccine Dip in Peloton

Is this just a "work-from-home" stock?

A young woman listening to music with headphones on

Why I Just Bought More Spotify Stock

I took advantage of the post-earnings price dip primarily for these three reasons.

A beautiful young woman hailing down a ride in a city

Why Lyft Tanked 17% in October

Prop 22 was the only thing on investors' minds.

A couple looking at a tablet with a real estate app on it showing a map of homes

Why Zillow Group Tanked 12% in October

The company's new board member isn't the reason.


Here's My Top Stock to Buy in November

A huge revenue runway, a huge profit runway, and the best part is investors don't see it coming.

Stranger Things Netflix

Why You Should Buy the Netflix Dip

Ignore the short-term noise and focus on the company's scale and global opportunity.

A young woman smiling with her eyes closed while listening to music on headphones

3 Questions for Spotify Heading into Third-Quarter Earnings

The stock has skyrocketed this year, but what's to come?

A young woman listening to music with headphones on

Where Will Spotify Be in 10 Years?

It's good to be the category king and have a long runway ahead.


1 Cheap Tech Stock to Buy Right Now

A stock that has gained over 360% year to date can still be cheap.

Prime Air in-flight

Why I'll Never Sell My Amazon Stock

It's not about what the company looks like today.

Stranger Things Netflix

3 Tech Stocks That Are Thriving Despite the Coronavirus

These companies were crushing it before the pandemic and they haven't stopped.

A couple embraces in the front yard while looking at their new home

Why Zillow Group Surged 19% in September

Will iBuying become profitable sooner than investors thought?

A golden retriever eats dog food out of a dog bowl.

Why Chewy Tanked 10% in September

Here's why the stock took a breather after a strong run.

Handing over cash 2

Is Amazon a Great Dividend Stock?

The better question is, "Should shareholders want a dividend from Amazon or not?"

New Car

5 Reasons You Could Regret Not Buying Carvana Stock

The first company to consolidate this highly fragmented market is going to win big.


Is Amazon Running Out of Reinvestment Options?

Underlying profit is soaring. How much of it can efficiently be reinvested?


How Peloton Is About to Suck the Air Out of the Interactive Home Fitness Industry

Rivals are going to have an even harder time competing with Peloton after this.

A man sitting in a chair with eyes closed listening to music on headphones from his phone

Is Spotify Stock a Buy?

This is an easy one.