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Olivia Zitkus

Olivia Zitkus


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This Healthcare Company Is Using AI to Develop Drugs

Could this technology be the future of the pharmaceutical industry?


This Healthcare Tech Stock Wants to Cut Out the Middleman

OptimizeRx connects pharmaceutical companies directly with physicians.

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A Cannabis Pro Tells Us Her Hopes for the Medical Marijuana Industry

2020 was a big year for the cannabis industry, but 2021 is shaping up to be even bigger.

man's hands hold a jar of marijuana

Woman Pot Pioneer: We Need Diversity and Inclusion in Cannabis

Making diversity among cannabis business owners and industry leaders a priority will only make the sector stronger.

young woman prepares medical cannabis in a glass vial

Healthcare Investors: Here's What You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana

Although research on the medical benefits of the drug is limited in the U.S., we have some ideas about marijuana's ability to disrupt the healthcare industry.

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The Story of COVID-19, Tax Revenue, and the Green Wave

There are some serious financial incentives for states to legalize cannabis sales.

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Adult-Use vs. Medical Cannabis Markets: What Investors Need to Know

In order for the market to truly break out, we'll need to start thinking differently about cannabis.

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What's the Big Deal With the Cannabis Supply Chain?

Due to legal restrictions, the cannabis supply chain is not as simple a scheme as it is for other industries.

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Thinking About Buying Pot Stocks? Do This First

Investors have to be ready to face the ups and downs of the volatile industry.

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The Benefits of Medical Marijuana, for Patients and Your Portfolio

Cannabinoid-based medicines have made major advancements in research and uptake over the past few years.

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These Are the Biggest Opportunities and Roadblocks for the Cannabis Industry

Demand for cannabis is soaring, and new states are taking notice. But banking and capital access issues stand in the way of growth.


Healthcare Investors Will Want to Hear This Industry Expert's Advice

Hint: Much of a company's success has to do with the experiences and diversity of its leadership.


Investors Take Note: These Are the Biggest Challenges Facing Healthcare Disruptors

Safety and efficacy requirements and endless regulatory barriers mean that it's actually pretty tough to disrupt the healthcare sector -- even for companies with seemingly endless resources.


Healthcare Expert: These Are the Most Important Lessons From the Pandemic

The takeaways go beyond coronavirus testing, treatments, and vaccines.


3 Mega-Trends Healthcare Investors Should Watch Right Now

Companies working to bring us to the other side of the pandemic might be the biggest winners.


3 Areas Where the Healthcare Industry Is Ripe for Disruption

Ten years from now, our healthcare system probably won't look like what it does today.


3 Silver Linings for the Healthcare Sector in 2020

In every crisis and challenge rests great opportunity.


Healthcare Trends That Will Rule 2021

Companies working in telehealth, at-home testing, and back-to-work solutions might just win the day -- and in fact, the whole year.


A Healthcare Expert Tells Us What's Next for Digital Health

Many healthcare players went back to the drawing board in 2020. What trends will drive them forward?


Here's What Investors Need to Know About Medical Diligence

In the healthcare industry, diligence is a matter of life and death. We're looking at you, Theranos.