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Jeff Little

Jeff Little


Jeff brought his foolish love for writing and investing to TMF in 2021 after spending most of his career in Marketing Operations. He has been investing for over 30 years, with varied coverage of technology, industrials, cannabis, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Recent articles

person laying in bed checking glucose levels with smartphone

DexCom's Stock Split Is Complete: Is It Time to Buy?

Many people will keep up their spending on treating chronic conditions, regardless of economic pressures.

investor comparing Wall Street data on laptop vs newspaper

Better Buy: Dividend Aristocrats vs. Beaten-Down Tech Stocks

What's right for you depends on your investment strategy.

medical professional looking at hand of patient

Could 2023 Be a Breakout Year for This Pharma Stock?

A pending FDA review and promising clinical trial data brings blockbuster potential.

Person inspecting cannabis plant

2 Cannabis Growth Stocks You Can Get for Under $15

The real question is, do you want any cannabis stocks right now, regardless of price?

Three people sitting on floor showing hands while painting room

Want $4,000 in Passive Income? Invest $10,000 in These Dividend Stocks Now

Here's how to reap big rewards through minimal involvement by showing a bit of patience.

two biopharma techs studying samples in lab

An FDA Approval Could Send This Stock Soaring by August

Two new treatments are under review, and one of them just might be a game-changer.

two adults playing soccer with young child on beach

3 Vanguard ETFs That Could Help You Retire a Millionaire

If you can handle a moderate level of risk in your investments, you could be looking at a seven-digit portfolio total in 30 years.

three people reviewing an investment growth chart

3 of the Best Ways to Invest for Retirement

It's never too early to plan for the golden years, and if you started late you can still take advantage of opportunities.

lab technicians using studying samples under a microscope

1 Green Flag for AbbVie in 2022 and 1 Red Flag

As U.S. doors open to more competition, investors will want to take a deeper look into the product portfolio.

two people looking at laptop together and smiling

2 Best Buffett Investments to Buy for the Long Haul

If you have a long-term investment approach, these ETFs are primed for big gains following a bear market.

young patient with doctor listening to heart rate of stuffed bear

3 Top Dividend Kings to Buy for the Long Haul

A bear market can test investors' patience, but these companies can help you survive.

healthcare info desk attendants at computers

2 Top Healthcare Stocks to Buy for the Long Haul

The healthcare sector is outpacing the S&P 500 -- and it's not expected to be just a short-lived result of a pandemic recovery.

two warhouse workers at computer desk smiling toward camera

3 Long-Haul Dividend Kings Under $100

Now is a great time to stock your portfolio with companies that provide the products and services we need -- not want.

couple with baby looking at laptop computer and smiling

3 Dividend Stocks That Should Pay You for the Rest of Your Life

Even the most aggressive, high-risk investment approach can benefit from passive income.

adult looking frustrated at statements with another adult holding child in arms in background

3 Investment Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Your future may come faster than you think. These tips might help you maximize your investments.

adult applying a bandage to a wound of a younger person

If You Invested $10,000 in Johnson & Johnson 10 Years Ago, This Is How Much You Would Have Today

This company stands the test of time and still has room for growth.

Doctor high-fiving young patient in medical office

This 1 Healthcare Dividend Stock Has Risen While Others Struggle

An extended agreement with a leading pharmacy has boosted investor confidence.

business person sitting in front of monitors displaying growth charts

Selling Amazon Stock? I'm Buying

A few bumps in the road are necessary to keep a company from careening out of control.

biotech engineers studying samples in lab

1 Green Flag and 1 Red Flag for Amgen

The net net is more black and white for long-term investors.

patient giving a doctor a high-five

This Stock Could Provide 25% Upside Amid a Cautious Market

Rising inflation can lead to leaner budgets, but when healthcare is the line item, there's no sign of cutting back.

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